first_imgWho’s ready for an outside shower?All winter long we cover up:   tight turtlenecks, scratchy wool sweaters, heat producing Uggs, long scarves, restrictive gloves, body hugging leggings, thick corduroy trousers, overpriced tall socks, pom-pom adorned knit hats, puffy down jackets, high end cold gear, and even sometimes the turtleneck, wool sweater and corduroy trousers combined.  The trifecta.We don many of these items for warmth, others for modesty. Albeit, hiding the small amount of winter pudge we all seem to collect around, during, after the holidays and throughout the winter.  As the sounds and sights of the summer season fade away each fall, and beach days seems to get further away, we all succumb to the winter time blues as we head into hibernation.  I have an excuse every winter for my added pounds, I simply don’t want to be cold…How could it be that we are so covered up in the off season, and are now giddy and eager to bear it all in the outside shower? It’s a feeling like no other, the warm breeze blowing as the sun sinks over the bay, a cold sweaty drink in hand, with a freshly laundered soft cotton towel at the ready.And now here it comes, barreling towards us, the long awaited and anticipated summer season. We have all counted down the days, dreaming of our perfect beach day.  Yet for me one of my favorite parts is the day’s end and the dreamy outside shower, post beach.  Riding a beach cruiser home barefoot, sunburned, and sandy while dragging behind a cart full of wet towels, empty food containers, striped chairs, and a well-worn beach bag, we all try to be the one to call “first shower!” Memories of all five Irish siblings jockeying in line to see my mom in the shower bring a smile to my face. She stood in the shower waiting to wash each and every one us clad in her red and black polka dot suit and flops, her fingers shriveled like raisins.  Usually the little girls won out, whining and crying claiming to be “ch-il-ly.” My brother and I stood aside patiently waiting our turn, knowing once our mom trotted the three girls upstairs we could stand under the warm mist with no fear of being told that we were using too much water and taking way too long.With Memorial Day drawing near, we find ourselves in the midst of planning the construction of our new outdoor shower house. It is one of the final details in the painstaking renovation of Mrs. Hoover’s house, yet one we have been looking forward to since purchasing her house some eleven months ago.  The old outside shower consisted of several pieces of dilapidated pine hastily strewn together forming some semblance of privacy.  One had to beware of the windy conditions while attempting to shower on a day with any sort of breeze.  There were only three walls and a thin shower curtain fastened by nails covered in barnacles.  At any second the curtain could be caught like a sail, and given the direction of the breeze vacationers enjoying their ice cream across the street could see things that sometimes can’t be unseen.What should we add? First things first, for starters there will definitely be three stationary walls and an actual door. The beauty of the outside shower is the rustic nature of it all.   We have decided on galvanized steel walls, lots of exposed wood, and a rock floor covered with a cedar platform.  We hope to incorporate shelves and hooks for clean towels, suits and robes, a speaker, an overhead light for those late nights on the beach, a changing area, and most importantly a cup holder for the well-deserved after beach libation.As we put the final touches on the design of the outside shower I have begun to realize that subconsciously I already built an outside shower inside. While redesigning the master suite last summer we opted for a large open concept shower with walls four feet high, no glass door or curtain on the entrance, tile resembling well weathered wood planks, a natural rock floor, and best of all an awning window.  Even on the coldest of nights we slowly turn the crank, allowing the crisp ocean air to rush in. It brings with it memories of summer days spent in the sun, and that after beach bike ride home hoping to be the first one in…For help in creating your perfect outdoor shower house Maureen can be reached at [email protected]last_img

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