first_img“[I want] to emphasize the fact that people have been asking about this and it’s not just random,” Schmidt said. Senate passed the resolution with an unanimous vote. “Hundreds of students are riding it every weekend,” Lakusta said. “Given that success we want to encourage student affairs to continue supporting this service.”  The fourth and final resolution, “A Resolution Calling for the Retention of the Late Night Transpo Service,” was proposed by Jeff Lakusta, chairman of the Committee on University Affairs.   The resolution calls for the State of the Student Union to be made by the student body president’s election, by the last Senate meeting of the semester, by the last Senate meeting of November and by the last Senate meeting of his or her term.  Kimberly said a changing of the deadlines is needed. Schmidt said he thought the idea was “genius.”  Student body president Grant Schmidt was among the many supporters of the resolution, which was passed unanimously. He said extra study space is an expressed need of the student body. The next resolution, “A Resolution Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body Revising the Schedule of State of the Student Union Addresses,” was also proposed by Kimberly. With the exception of one abstention, the Student Senate voted unanimously to pass the resolution. “The way it is now, there is not much to work on,” Kimberly said. Lakusta was clear in stating the purpose of the resolution. In a unanimous vote, the Student Senate passed the resolution.  The Student Senate discussed and passed four resolutions — including one that requests DeBartolo classrooms remain open at night and another changing the scheduling for State of the Student Union addresses — during its meeting Wednesday night.The first resolution, “A Resolution Requesting DeBartolo Hall Classrooms Be Opened Nightly For Group Study Space,” was proposed by Austin Holler, chairman of the Committee on Academic Affairs.   Kevin Kimberly, chairman of the Committee on Oversight, proposed an idea originating from sophomore Grace Concealman, a member of the Financial Management Board.The proposal calls for the establishment of The Shirt Charity Endowment, which will enable interest to be collected on 50 percent of funds collected for The Shirt Charity. The current funds do not allow for interest, however making it into an endowment would help to earn more money into the account. Senate voted nearly unanimously to pass this resolution as well.last_img

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