first_imgFeeling kinky this Valentine’s Day? Sure, you could schlep through the snow to the movie theater, wait in line with a bunch of middle-aged moms and go see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. Or you could get steamy in the flesh with Alec Varcas and the cast of off-Broadway’s 50 Shades! The Musical Parody, a sexy sendup of the erotic S&M novel. Unlike the book and the movie, 50 Shades! lets you get up close and personal with real abs and butts. Finally. Find out more about Varcas (and his many, many muscles) from his co-stars Ashley Ward, Chloe Williamson and Laura Yoder Witt, then catch 50 Shades! live at the Elektra Theatre. What is your favorite part of Alec’s body? What’s your favorite article of clothing to see Alec take off? CHLOE WILLIAMSON: His tush is great, but also his abs. They’re always there, even after he eats Chipotle. LAURA YODER WITT: His abs. They’re not painted on! I’ve never seen someone with that sort of body in the flesh until now. No offense to my husband. CHLOE WILLIAMSON: Oh, man… His shirt! He does it a lot. CHLOE WILLIAMSON: A riding crop. Definitely a riding crop. ASHLEY WARD: His sweet, sweet butt. CHLOE WILLIAMSON: He knows every part. He could play my part, probably better than me. He could definitely dance it better than me. He’s never missed a show. He’s the MVP. View Comments What is the best thing about working with Alec? LAURA YODER WITT: There’s something to be said to be able to see live theater as opposed to reading it on a page or seeing it on a movie screen. This is interactive and it’s so much fun. What would you do if you had seven minutes in heaven with Alec? ASHLEY WARD: The guys are so accessible to you. After the show you can actually see them! You’re not going to see any of the naked dudes in the movie when you walk out of the theater. But these guys live and breathe among you. ASHLEY WARD: He is so sweet, he’s such a good person, he’s a great laugher. Nobody makes me feel better as a comedian than Alec, because he will laugh at anything I say. Show Closed This production ended its run on April 26, 2015 LAURA YODER WITT: He’s really sweet with a really fun energy and awesome to be around. Related Shows ASHLEY WARD: Oh, anything involving spanking. I spank him a lot backstage. A paddle preferable to a whip, because I don’t want to actually hurt him, I just like the noise. Really, I just want to use my hand. ASHLEY WARD: I would spend most of it spanking him and the rest of it trying to make him laugh. 50 Shades! The Musical CHLOE WILLIAMSON: On a screen, anything can be edited. When they’re in the flesh, you know that they’re real. You can touch it, you can see it, it’s insane! LAURA YODER WITT: One of those feather duster things. I wanna make him laugh. CHLOE WILLIAMSON: I would play heads up seven up! Why is seeing 50 Shades! live sexier than the movie? What S&M toy would you like to use on him? LAURA YODER WITT: I’d ask him about his hopes and dreams and goals. ASHLEY WARD: I like to see him take his shirt off. LAURA YODER WITT: I’m gonna go with shirt. You know, because of the abs.last_img

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