first_img It must be a very satisfying achievement for this Salvadorian team, since they were competing with great and supposedly more capable countries. A VIVA to them, the efforts they make to get materialistic achievements have to be equal than the efforts to look for God every day and love their fellow man, or even greater. By Dialogo June 24, 2011 On 22 June, a team of seven elite soldiers from the Salvadoran Armed Forces were crowned as the champions of a skills exercise in which army and police special-forces units from nineteen countries across the continent participated, a military source announced. “El Salvador is in first place in this competition, Ecuador is in second, Brazil is in third place, and Guatemala and Colombia are in fourth and fifth place respectively,” the Salvadoran Defense Ministry noted in a statement. The exercises were held in various localities in El Salvador, including the capital and coastal cities. During the “Commando Forces 2011” exercise, the participating military and police teams “demonstrated their physical condition, as well as their high level of operational readiness,” the Defense Ministry indicated. This year’s exercises included physical fitness, shooting with rifle and pistol, range estimation, nighttime assault shooting, angle shooting, shooting at unknown distances, and an obstacle course, among other skills, the statement specified. last_img

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