first_imgDear Editor,The “official results” of the 2018 Local Government Elections (LGE) are out and I shall attempt an in-depth analysis of those results. The results show the PPP/C garnering 122,307 votes, the PNC 68,060 votes, the AFC 8,719 votes while the other small parties 2,995 votes. Translated into percentages, this means that the PNC/APNU got 34 per cent while the got AFC 4 per cent and the PPP/C got a whopping 61 per cent of the total votes cast.The PNC and its coalition partners together gained a grand total of 79,774 votes, while the PPP/C gained 122,307. This means that the PPP/C, as a single entity, has beaten the Coalition combined, and this is cause for worry in the Coalition’s camp. The people of this great country have spoken without a shadow of a doubt that they do not want the Coalition Government to govern them.They have realised that they were brutally shortchanged in that “change” for the “good life” rhetoric presented to them by the present administration and as such would like to return to the beaten path of the PPP/C where there is peace and progress. For this very same reason, The Opposition Leader has filed a no-confidence motion against the Government.Now, the Prime Minister and his compatriots in the Coalition are making light work of the Opposition Leader’s motion to the House, calling it among other things, a joke, and that the no-confidence motion would not be considered for debate until after the budget proceedings. He further stated that the no-confidence motion will be defeated.Nagamootoo’s reasoning comes from two opinions, the first is that the proposed pay rise in the budget may in some way placate the struggling workers to reconsider and turn their votes on their behalf come general elections 2020. He reasons that the pay rise might just do the trick. He is also of the belief that seeing it was only 38% of the electorate who voted this Local Government Elections (LGE), then the remaining 62% may very well be theirs so there is no need to worry.Well, I think the prime minister is in for a shocker with that misplaced assumption of his, because with such great resentment pervading the nation, I do not think anything would change the minds of the workers. I take my cue from a discussion I had recently with a PNC friend of mind. He said that he and family are strong supporters of the party because they are a party for Afro-Guyanese, and he votes for his race, however, all that changed last LGE when he did not vote because of the silly things.As a prime example, he quotes the general strike by the solid waste collectors in Georgetown. He says “look at what these people doing in Georgetown, their main stronghold” “they are allowing the city to go back into the dumpster it was under the PPP/C.” He reasons that they lied and said it was the PPP/C’s fault, but the recent CoI into City Hall showed that it was due to rampant corruption done by The Mayor and the PNC/APNU Councillors. He further states that the PNC “still got them there”. The so-called King and Queen! What they think Black People stupid?! This “past eye” what these people think they are doing. He said that he didn’t vote in the Local Government Election (LGE) but will certainly do so on the side of the PPP/C come 2020, that’s for sure, stating that he has no choice but to vote against his party.The sentiments raised above is not an isolated case, rather, it is symptomatic of the strong views persons have of the PN-led Coalition. So, these comments are indeed worrying for the Coalition who are trying nervously hard to dismiss that no-confidence motion.Further to our discussion, is the fact that the elections to be held in 2020 is purely based on Proportional Representation (PR) which drives a sure nail in their coffin. With an already established trend of 61 per cent PR at the 2018 LGE Level, this means that the PPP/C is out front in an unassailable win in any general elections that would be called here.  Finally, from whichever vantage point you view the present scenario, the coalition will see defeat. The question now, is how soon will that fact become a reality?Respectfully submitted,Neil Adamslast_img

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