first_img– Police say killers confessed to brutal murderBy Bhisham MohamedRemains suspected to be those of a farmer who went missing on Monday last were discovered in a cemetery at No. 55 Village, Corentyne Berbice.It is believed that 21-year-old Mahendra Ghanie, also known as “Azad,” of Lot 198 Bloomfield Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was hacked before being set on fire.The dismembered burnt bones were discovered on Friday afternoon after relativesMurdered labourer, Mahendra Ghanieof the missing man went in search of him. It was reported that Ghanie left home on Monday to visit his employer at No. 55 Village with the intention of collecting a large sum of money owed to him. His employer, a block maker, is reportedly in the habit of hiring people without paying them for weeks.After days had passed and the young man did not return home, his relatives searched frantically for him but came up empty-handed. A missing person’s report was subsequently lodged at the police station.However, on Friday, Guyana Times was made to understand that the relatives of the young man went back to No. 55 Village, and upon enquiring from residents about any unusual movements they might have seen, they were told that the employer was seen burning “something” in the burial ground during the week.Without hesitation, the family members went to the burial ground, and found pieces of human bones being burnt in a pit two feet by six feet. They immediately contacted the police, who arrived at the scene promptly. The detectives believe that the young man was burnt at one spot and the remains were dragged into theThe pieces of bone that were found at the burn sitenewly dug hole and set alight for the second time. Part of the missing man’s mobile phone and jersey were also found at the burn site.Farina Ghanie, a sister of the suspected dead man, told media operatives that her brother went missing for the past five days, after he left home claiming that he was going to collect money from his boss.The aggrieved woman noted that after he did not call or return home after a few days, they suspected something was amiss, since he never stayed away from home without informing them.The family, she explained, went to the No. 51 Police Station where they lodged aThe hole in which pieces of bone were foundreport. Whilst at the police station, the relatives related their suspicions to the Police, and as such, they were accompanied to the employer’s premises to enquire about her brother’s whereabouts.“At the house, they called out de one bhai they does call ‘Razor Blade’; he run and he gone go hide, but meh buddy tell he don’t be afraid, he just want ask where meh brother deh, and he still nah come out”, the devastated sister noted.She further stated that they came into contact with her brother’s employer, but he denied knowing the young man, claiming that Ghanie never worked with him, although several pieces of her brother’s clothing, including his hammock, were seen in the back yard.Guyana Times understands that Ghanie usually stayed at his boss’s house andRelatives of Mahendra Ghanie moments after finding what appears to be his remainsreturn home on weekends.Upon hearing this on Thursday, Police thought that something was amiss and immediately took the employer and another worker into custody. The employer’s son was subsequently arrested and is being questioned about the young man’s disappearance.Meanwhile, following the discovery on Friday, the block maker and his teenage son, along with another worker, have reportedly confessed to killing the missing man and burning his body after he was chopped to pieces. This was confirmed by Police ‘B’ Division Commander, Senior Superintendent Edmond Cooper.The men are expected to be charged with the capital offence in the new week.last_img

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