first_imgAs Government endeavours to produce 21st century teachers in Guyana, the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) on Thursday received a hefty donation of some $50M worth of science equipment donated by the People’s Republic of China.The gesture was birthed during a conversation President David Granger had with China’s Ambassador to Guyana Cui Jianchun in 2017.President David Granger, Education Minister Nicolette Henry, Chief Education Officer Olato Sam, Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Cui Jianchun, Chen Xilai, Deputy Chief of the Chinese Embassy and others look on at a demonstration at the handing over event on FridayThe equipment, which will see the improved training of teachers at the college, was procured over time and on Thursday handed over at the Turkeyen Campus, Greater Georgetown.Speaking at the event, President Granger said that it is important that teachers are educated in an environment that is conducive for academic achievement.“Unless teachers are trained properly, student’s education will be substandard. The quality of education in any society is related directly to the quality of its teachers, poorly trained teachers inevitability will produce poorly preforming students. I think certain decisions, like improving teachers training at CPCE, which I did because I want teachers to be comfortably accommodated, comfortable in their studies, committed to the teaching service and to be educated in a conducive environment,” Granger said to the gathering of teachers.He noted that the primary mission out of the event was to ensure that the training of teachers is at an exceptionally high standard to enable the college to graduate teachers who are capable of providing service of an exceptional quality to the public education system.Further, the President said that teachers of today must be geared to train the generation of tomorrow and they must be prepared for the important role in educating students to become citizens of the 21st century.“The teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is being given priority. It will allow the entire country to develop a more technologically competent workforce essential to the establishment of this digital state of which I speak. It demands the re-orientation of the education system with placing greater emphasis on technology,” the President remarked.Also delivering remarks, Education Minister Nicolette Henry noted that education is a strong area of cooperation between Guyana and China, thanking the Chinese Government for continually providing scholarships and training opportunities to strengthen capacity.“For developing countries, if we intend to develop, we have to start with education. And so focusing on science is becoming more and more imperative, as science is creating wonders each and every day. Improving value and support systems here at CPCE should allow both lecturers and students to have an improved learning experience. The benefits of this will gradually be filtered into our school systems as the quality of teachers is the most significant school based of students outcome,” Henry said.Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Cui Jianchun noted that it was President David Granger’s focus on education that made the gift of the science equipment to CPCE a reality.Jiachun revealed China’s intention to continue to support the development of education in Guyana.“China will continue its assistance and support within the capacity to Guyana’s development and stands ready to work with Guyana to upgrade our relations to a new level,” the Ambassador assured.For the period of 2017-2019, China has donated over US $230,000 to education in Guyana.last_img

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