first_imgFROM THE FISHBOWL Days 2 & 3 – Senior’s With the smell of Dencorub lingering in the air and the sound of elastoplast being torn from the roll, the action on day 2 promised to be electrifying. The spirit amongst the competitors is what sets this tournament apart from all the others. It’s all about the friendships forged, old rivalries re-visited, the memories reminisced and those classic stories just getting longer and longer and longer. The old adage of `The older I get, the better I was’ really rings true at this time of year. Extra significance to day 2, with St Patricks Day bringing a feeling of celebration to the tournament. Apparently several players were over heard exclaiming they couldn’t wait to play so they could get to the pub for some celebratory pints of Guiness. All of this was upstaged by a tremendous storm which rolled into town three timeslots from the end. As the thunder rolled and the lightning struck nearby, the electrifying Men’s 35’s and Men’s 40’s ducked for cover having their games stopped at the halfway point due to the dangerous situation. Referee’s and players, usually natural enemies, cowered together under the nearest cover to avoid becoming `Touchy Fricasee’. As the heavens opened, at least 2 Sydney Harbours worth of water flowed onto the stadium, making for scenes straight out of CASTAWAY, I swear the FISHBOWL actually saw a volleyball looking strangely like Wilson slipping over the southern scoreline for a well earned touchdown. With the strained cries of “Wilson, Wilson” echoing through the stands, the players left with an early mark allowing them time for those Guiness. The FISHBOWL witnessed the beauty and the irony of nature when two ducks decided that there was enough water on Field 1 for a water top landing. After the first came to a graceful floating halt, the second followed for an inglorious attempt. Having hit the surface he floated a short distance before hitting a dry spot. This caused him to topple over and roll for a few paces before righting himself and shaking his head vigorously. It truly looked like he glanced around nonchalantly in the hope of looking cool in case any other ducks had seen him. It would appear that being cool is important throughout the whole animal kingdom. However, Day 3 has been a totally different story with the games on the stadium fields being moved outside to give the playing surface time to recover. This was a strange feeling for the FISHBOWL looking at the green grass, all alone, no one to pick on, until Willy the Wag Tail entered the picture, standing at a stout 4 inches tall he came up against the might of Larry the Lawn Beetle in a thrilling encounter. Willy had Larry’s measure until a freak flying mishap saw Willy cramp in the left wing crashing to the ground in agony. Luckily the on-site veterinarian (Usually used to treat the NTL dinosaurs) was on to provide much needed tweatment. See ya’ when we’re looking at ya’!last_img


first_imgTouch Football Australia’s official photographers, Sporting Images have released all photographs on their Website from the 2007 X Blades National 18 Years and Under Championships.Michael Broadbent and the rest of the Sporting Images team worked tirelessly to capture all the action and excitement from the showcase junior event on the TFA calendar.Please click on the below link to view team photos, and some great action shots from the 2007 tournament. The photographs are available for purchase by following the information on the Sporting Images website.http://sportingimages.com.au/gallery/Touch/NTL/2007u18coffs/?g2_page=1last_img


first_imgThere was wall-to-wall action on the final day of the X-Blades 2007 National 18 Years and Under Championships.As well as all the semis and grand finals for Plate, Shield and Championship, there were a number of other spectacles to keep the masses entertained.One surprise ingredient on the final day that had been absent for the first three days of the tournament was rain.Relentless, powerful, drenching rain which put a dampener on the creative licenses of teams but not on the spirits of the players and spectators. The footy wasn’t the only competition on offer. A ‘Scoot for Boots’ took place with some of the quickest players from the girls and boys’ competitions. The event involved picking up a ball on the five-metre line and dashing the length of the field to be the first to score. NSWCHS players Ricky Mason and Kimberly Resch won their respective races through the downpour, earning not only glory but a new pair of X-Blades boots. X-Blades also awarded a Player of the Tournament prize to Brisbane Cobras star Rhys Jacks. Jacks received a pair of boots and an X-Blades bag for his good form. Not to be outdone, KooGa awarded an apparel package to TouchWest talisman Jenaya Quan for her outstanding play throughout the Championships. There were interviews with the captains participating in each of the major games as well as coin tosses and insights from experts such as Australian Men’s Open coach Tony Trad, and Australian Women’s Coach, Kerry Norman. All in all the 2007 Championships were a fantastic success. Get ready for 2008!last_img read more