Three fishermen were killed and two were rescued after their boat was attacked and hijacked off Tangalle, Southern Province Minister of Fisheries D.V. Upul said today.The boat had departed from the Kudawella fisheries harbor on Sunday night and the navy yesterday spotted two fishermen floating in the area where the incident was believed to have taken place and they were rescued and brought to Galle today. CLICK HERE FOR AUDIO OF SOUTHERN PROVINCE MINISTER OF FISHERIES  D.V. UPUL The rescued fishermen had revealed that their boat was attacked and three fishermen were killed and dumped into the sea. The boat was taken away by the attackers. Meanwhile the police said 6 people were on the fishing boat and that 10 people were involved in the attack. The police media unit said that on person had fled with the attackers.Upul said that he will be discussing the latest incident with Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and will call for a system to ensure the safety of the southern fishermen. (Colombo Gazette) Upul said that the fishermen were assaulted and then stabbed with knives. He did not say who were behind the attack but it was believed that local fishermen were involved.

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