Should Editors Transcode AVCHD to ProRes in Premiere?

first_imgDo you need to transcode your AVCHD media when editing in Premiere Pro? Let’s discuss this highly debated topic. This simple question — should you transcode AVCHD media when editing in Premiere Pro or leave it native — sparked a very long and interesting Twitter conversation, with many different editors weighing in on the proceedings. Some advocated for transcoding to Pro Res, others for re-wrapping the files into a different container, and still others for leaving the files in their native format.I thought I’d use this post to expand on the pros and cons of the different options. I’ve also previously posted on importing AVCHD into various NLEs. Also if you have C100 footage, whatever else you do, you’ll definitely want to rename the files to have unique file names. You can read about that in more detail on my website, but unique file names and timecode are the cornerstone of media management.Transcoding AVCHD Media Before Editing ProRes is an ideal codec choice when editing in FCPX or Premiere, and Resolve works well with it too. The benefits of transcoding into a format like ProRes is that you’ve got a less-compressed file that the computer can more easily work with, than say H.264 or an mpeg based codec. This leads to speedier editing response and less potential for visual bugs and glitches to work their way in. The downsides are that these new, duplicate files take up more hard drive space and it can be time consuming to do the conversion if you have a lot of files.If you have lots of different file formats, codecs, and frame rates, you might want to transcode them all into one ‘mezzanine codec’ like ProRes, but as Premiere is designed to handle pretty much any codec natively, you might not want to do bother doing this —unless, when you’re finishing the film you need to deliver a more streamlined list of codecs upstream.Edit Ready, Mpeg Stream Clip, and other programs will easily transcode your files for you. Or for a free option you can always use Resolve itself.Rewrapping AVCHD Media for EditingThis is my preferred method when under time or hard drive space limitations, because rewrapping is faster and requires less space than transcoding.What Is Rewrapping?Codecs come in wrappers, much like candy comes in wrappers. A wrapper is the letters after the .dot in the file name. Common video wrappers include .mov, .mxf, .mts, .mp4, .mpeg etc. Canon C100 shoots to .mts files and C300 cameras to .mxf files.Incidentally, I’ve also previously posted about how to work with C300 .mxf files when the original camera folder structure is broken. So when you rewrap, you just take the candy out of one wrapper and put it in another. You don’t create a whole new candy. So in the case of C100, it will ideally be rewrapped from the original .mts wrapper, into a .mov wrapper, using something like Edit Ready or Clip Wrap.Editing AVCHD Media NativelyOne of the major benefits of Premiere Pro is its ability to handle anything you throw at it. Editor Vashi Nedomansky has edited several feature films in Premiere Pro, including Sharknado 2, and you can read more about his feature film workflow here.In the tweet above, he argues for leaving the files in their native format. As he’s so confident in Premiere’s native codec handling capabilities, and given the hours he’s put in, you should be too.You will however need a decent spec machine — good graphics cards, lots of RAM, fast hard drives — to get the most out of Premiere’s native editing features and nippy playback response. This is also obviously the fastest way to get your footage in to your edit and out the door, as you’re not adding in any additional steps.Using AVCHD Media in DaVinci ResolveEditor Dan Wolfmeyer’s question also included the caveat of wanting to finish the feature film in DaVinci Resolve. Here, colorist Juan Salvo suggests that transcoding the AVCHD media out of an interframe codec and into an intraframe codec is a better bet.Codecs like ProRes, DNxHD, Cinema DNG are all intraframe codecs. Every frame is made up of just that frame. Popular interframe codecs include AVCHD (a flavor of H.264),  H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, XDCAM etc. are created by looking at the previous and next frames, which allows for higher levels of compression. For a very detailed explanation of this topic, check out this post on upshot of all of this is that intraframe codecs are less intensive to process, and therefore provide better realtime playback and often cause less ‘hiccups’ along the way.As you can see, there are many viable ways of working with AVCHD footage, and often the ‘best option’ actually comes down to the context of your project and the limitations you’re working around.If you’ve got some insights that could help the rest of the PremiumBeat filmmaking and editing community, share them below!last_img read more

Water cart hits aircraft at Kolkata airport

first_imgA Qatar Airways aircraft was hit by a water tanker of Air India, minutes before its take-off at the airport here. The incident occurred at 2.20 a.m. “due to mishandling” of the water tanker, official said.“The aircraft has been grounded and an inquiry by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has started,” a statement issued by the airport said.There were about 101 passengers on board in the airport along with 12 crew members and 2 pilots. “Passengers were shifted to hotel and will be accommodated in next flight scheduled for tonight. No injuries reported. All other operations normal,” the statement said. In December 2015 a Jet Airways shuttle driver had hit an Air India plane, causing serious damages to the aircraft.last_img

Mails and letters to the editor

first_imgWhat Varanasi Wants from ModiWhy India’s holiest city is a test case for change. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must make Varanasi a world-class city and at the same time restore its cultural and academic glory.Purva Rathode, JaipurWhat Varanasi Wants from ModiMission VaranasiVaranasi’s happiness over electing Narendra Modi is gradually receding,What Varanasi Wants from ModiWhy India’s holiest city is a test case for change. Prime Minister Narendra Modi must make Varanasi a world-class city and at the same time restore its cultural and academic glory.Purva Rathode, JaipurWhat Varanasi Wants from ModiMission VaranasiVaranasi’s happiness over electing Narendra Modi is gradually receding (“Call of the Sinking City”, June 30). Residents do have a groundswell of expectations from their Prime Minister MP. But they also know that very high population density, bad governance and apathy of the previous governments have reduced the city to such a pitiable state. We must realise that Modi is not a magician. So, let us see how he manages to bring changes with an uncooperative and ineffective state government around. Also, to solve the problems, considerable contemplation and discussion are needed.Indu Shankar, VaranasiEven before the first votes were cast in Varanasi, Narendra Modi’s team had begun chalking out development plans for the city. His party also gave other stakeholders a hope that it would walk the talk in the region if voted to power. Historically, Purvanchal has always witnessed a wave, be it in the post-Emergency elections, 1984 elections or the last ascendancy of BJP in 1990. Yet Varanasi remained neglected and backward. Therefore, for the Modi-led NDA, Varanasi must be at the centre of the “development plank”. Moreover, the Prime Minister has a once-in-alifetime chance to change the holy city and take the RSS-BJP-VHP image to a whole new level. The city is the right place for the new Government to put the political ball in a court of its choice and also to fulfil dreams it sold to the electorate during the 2014 General Election.advertisementRamesh Sinha, GurgaonCleansing Varanasi is not just a humongous but also a holy act. Waste bins, waste water treatment and a recycling plant are mandatory to remove filth generated on a daily basis. Since the Prime Minister has urged everyone to clean the city, not only the Centre but also the state of Uttar Pradesh must share the burden equally. The Centre and the state must sanction The Cult of Virginity adequate funds to facilitate and even launch a joint venture to restore the sanctity of Varanasi and the Ganga. On the other hand, residents must not conveniently forget and neglect their own duty towards keeping the city clean and green.Sanjiv Gupta, Perth, AustraliaReasons to RepealArticle 370 of the Indian Constitution gives special status to J&K (“Time for BJP to Settle J&K Issue”, June 30). It was, however, introduced as a temporary measure at the time of Independence. It reads: “Temporary provisions with respect to the state of Jammu and Kashmir.” Due to political reasons, this article has not been repealed. Our Constitution is for the welfare of the people of India and J&K is an integral part of India. If Article 370 is repealed, it will be beneficial to J&K as there will be more economic development in the state. Because of Article 370, people of other states do not dare to settle down and do business in J&K. Remember that the Constitution can be amended. If Article 370 is not repealed, the state of J&K will lose the benefits of economic development. It is time for the people of J&K to insist on repealing it.Mahesh Kumar, via emailBest Choice The survey for best universities comes as a great help to students seeking admission to various postgraduate institutions. (“Graduating to the Next Level”, June 30). It is not an easy task to choose the best university. Students often end up making the wrong decision in the absence of proper guidance. The fact that 17 top Indian Universities are included in Asia’s Top 300 universities is pretty encouraging. It’s good to see that things are improving.Sneha Ranjan, New DelhiThe Right ChoiceThe BJP leadership seems to have rightly handed over the reins of Gujarat to a dedicated person like Anandiben Patel who had shown the political will to drive through crucial reforms in the urban development sector during her term as Cabinet minister in Gujarat (“Anandiben Takes Charge of Modi’s Gujarat”, June 30). She has already set the ball rolling with her 100-day agenda for 11 key subjects, including women’s empowerment. However, her biggest challenge would be to carry forward the legacy of her predecessor, which includes meeting the expectations of the people and stabilising the state party unit.Jia Shah, via emailThe Cup Connection India has often been called the “sleeping giant”of world football (“Midnight Tryst with the Great Game”, June 30 ). It can only be hoped that the giant will eventually wake up to the professional game. In a predominantly cricket-loving country, India got swept up in the 2014 FIFA World Cup that occupied huge chunks of airtime on news and sports channels.The 17th edition of the FIFAunder-17 World Cup, to be held in six Indian cities in 2017,promises an improvement in facilities and a surge of local involvement in the sport.By the next FIFA World Cup in 2018,we will know if these ambitions take flight or bite the dust.advertisementCarl Jaison, New DelhiIndia may not have a team in Brazil but that doesn’t mean Indians are not following the action closely.Some of the most ardent fans of the beautiful game can be found in India. There are times when sport becomes a celebration of human endeavour and is not just restricted to a particular team or country.That spirit is evident as millions of Indians celebrate every time a goal is being scored in Brazil.Tage Robin, ItanagarCaught in StrifeCaught in strifeThe ongoing crisis in Iraq between the Shia-led government and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is not just an internal strife but something that has engulfed India as well (“The War on Our Shores”,June 30).It threatens not just Indian workers there but also the economic recovery plans of the Narendra Modi Government.The immediate challenge for the new Government is to safely extricate Indian nationals out of that country.But the fact that Iraq has the world’s fifth largest oil reserves is a bigger point of worry for the Modi Government.Iraq is OPEC’s second largest oil producer.Its top buyers are China and India.The crisis has erupted at the worst possible time as India is trying its best to curb inflation. Rising crude prices have pushed the markets down and the rupee has recorded a new low against the dollar.Manav Upadhyaya, Delhilast_img read more

Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin nominated for 2014 Arjuna Award

first_imgAshwin will receive the prestigious award alongside 14 other athletes on Independence DayAfter becoming the top all-rounder of the world in Tests recently, Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is all set to be honoured with the prestigious Arjuna award on the Independence Day.The 27-year-old Chennai born cricketer will receive the award from the Indian government for outstanding achievements in national sports alongside 14 other athletes.The Selection Committee headed by the former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev has shortlisted 15 candidates for the Arjuna award while none of the sportpersons will receive the Khel Ratna award this year.The cricketer to get the Arjuna Award last year was Virat Kohli. A total of 46 cricketers, including women, have been conferred the sporting honour.Ashwin became the fastest bowler in 80 years to complete 100 wickets in his 19th Test last November against the West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium here, the farewell game of Sachin Tendulkar.The 27-year-old Chennai-born tweaker overtook the previous Indian record of one of the members of the famed spin quartet – off-spinner Erapalli Prasanna – to reach the 100- wicket mark in one fewer Test.Ashwin, who is also a useful batsman, has taken 104 wickets in Tests, 106 in 79 ODIs and 25 wickets in the same number of T20 internationals.Arjuna awardees(2014): Akhilesh Varma (Archery), Tintu Luka (Athletics), HN Girisha (Paralympics), V Diju (Badminton), Geetu Ann Jose (Basketball), Jai Bhagwan (Boxing), R Ashwin (Cricket), Anirban Lahiri (Golf), Mamta Pujari (Kabaddi), Saji Thomas (Rowing), Heena Sidhu (Shooting), Anaka Alankamany (Squash), Tom Joseph (Volleyball), Renubala Chanu (Weightlifting) and Sunil Rana (Wrestling)advertisementlast_img read more

Kapil Dev in this viral pic convinces Internet he is perfect for Ranveer Singh’s biopic. See why

first_imgToo much of Ranveer Singh has rubbed off on Kapil Dev, you would think looking at a photograph of the iconic cricketer doing the rounds on the Internet, where he is seen sporting a gaudy red T-shirt with pants that have wild, multi-coloured stripes on them.The photo has gone viral, in the wake of the recent first-look launch of the cricket drama, 83, where Ranveer plays Kapil Dev. The first look, launched on Ranveer’s birthday on July 6, has the actor bearing a close resemblance to the cricketer. A lot of people, in fact, felt Ranveer seemed like a “carbon copy” of Kapil.Considering Ranveer’s fetish for a loud sartorial style, many feel an old photograph of the legendary cricketer mushrooming at a time when his film’s promotional campaign has just been launched should give 83 a smart publicity push.The snapshot was shared on Twitter by actor Sharib Hashmi. “Kapil Sir preparing for @RanveerOfficial’s biopic,” Sharib wittily captioned the photograph.Kapil sir preparing for @RanveerOfficial s biopic Hashmi (@sharibhashmi) July 7, 2019Celebrities including Riteish Deshmukh, Nakuul Mehta, Aahana Kumra and Sophie Choudry were among those who liked and commented on the post.While most people left a laughing emoji in the comments section, one user wrote, “Post effects of spending time with Ranveer. He actually brings/adds colours to your life.”Another user wrote, “This is the cutest thing. Love it Sir. Both will play each other’s role. Role reversal.””Actually reverse effect happened, Ranveer ki sangat ka asar hai,” went one comment.advertisementKabir Khan’s 83 traces the story of India’s historic victory at the 1983 cricket World Cup.ALSO READ | Ranveer Singh gifts fans his look as legendary cricketer Kapil Dev from 83 on birthday. See picALSO READ | Ranveer Singh trains with Kapil Dev on 83 sets in Dharamshala. See picsALSO READ | Ranveer Singh’s 83 will now release in April 2020ALSO WATCH | Deepika Padukone marries Ranveer Singh in Italylast_img read more



Wolves beat City on penalties to win Asia Trophy

first_imgShanghai: Goalkeeper Rui Patricio was the hero for Wolves, saving three spot-kicks after their Asia Trophy final against Manchester City went to penalties on Saturday in Shanghai. Wolves won the exhibition tournament 3-2 on penalties after the game against the Premier League champions ended 0-0 after 90 minutes. It was a story of missed penalties for Pep Guardiola’s City. Raheem Sterling missed a first-half penalty for City, who dominated at a full Hongkou Stadium but were blunt in attack without Sergio Aguero and Gabriel Jesus. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian OpenPre-season games are notoriously poor barometers for the season to come, especially when played in stifling heat like in Shanghai. But both sides fielded close to their full-strength sides and Guardiola and counterpart Nuno Espirito Santo will be glad to escape without any serious injuries to their squads. Leroy Sane, the German winger wanted by Bayern Munich, started for City and won the Sterling penalty, but otherwise had a quiet game before being substituted on the hour. Also Read – Fast bowler Behrendorff to undergo spinal surgeryKevin De Bruyne was Guardiola’s captain for the night — the City armband is up for grabs following the departure of talisman Vincent Kompany. Sterling should have put City in the lead but instead blasted his 20th minute penalty over the bar to let Chinese-owned Wolves off the hook. The England international forward, playing through the middle, then fluffed a golden chance from close range with only goalkeeper Patricio to beat. In the third-fourth playoff, Newcastle United beat West Ham United 1-0 to give Steve Bruce victory in his first match as head coach. The Premier League proper begins on August 9.last_img read more

Imperial Oil reports firstquarter profit up from year ago increases dividend

first_imgCALGARY – Imperial Oil Ltd. raised its dividend as it reported its first-quarter profit improved compared with a year ago.The company said it would pay a dividend of 19 cents in its second quarter, up from an earlier payment to shareholders of 16 cents.The increase came as Imperial reported it earned $516 million or 62 cents per share, up from $333 million or 39 cents per share a year ago. Revenue totalled $7.9 billion, up from nearly $7.2 billion.Imperial says its upstream business, which includes its oilsands operations, lost $44 million compared with a loss of $86 million a year ago.Meanwhile, its downstream operations, which includes its refining business, earned $521 million, up from $380 million in the first quarter of 2017.Imperial’s chemical business earned $73 million in the quarter, up from $45 million in the same quarter last year.Companies in this story: (TSX:IMO)last_img read more

Ban presses Bolivians to ensure recall referendum is carried out peacefully

In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Mr. Ban said he was closely following the political developments in the Andean country, where the referendum concerns the mandates of President Evo Morales, Vice-President Álvaro García and eight regional authorities, or prefectos.Media reports say two people were killed and several more were injured during demonstrations this week related to the referendum.“In the interest of strengthening democracy and human rights in Bolivia, the Secretary-General calls on all political and social actors to ensure a peaceful climate throughout the electoral process and its aftermath,” today’s statement said.“The Secretary-General reaffirms the commitment of the United Nations system to work with the Government and society as a whole towards generating an environment of tolerance, respect and dialogue in Bolivia.” 8 August 2008Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on all sides in Bolivia to ensure that Sunday’s recall referendum on the President, Vice-President and regional governors is conducted in a peaceful atmosphere. read more

TNA has had enough calls for foreign intervention

He said the failure by the military to release all occupied private lands in the North will not help the reconciliation process. “Foreign countries must not remain silent anymore. They must intervene,” he said.Sampanthan had expressed these views in letters addressed to the UN and foreign diplomatic missions in the country. (Colombo Gazette) Sampanthan said that the Tamil people have now lost patience. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) says enough is enough and the international community must now intervene to address the issues faced by the Tamils in the North.TNA leader R. Sampanthan says the Government has begun to divert from its political goals and so it is time the international community stepped in.

Amid new aid to Iraq UN reports new pillaging of already looted

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq (OHCI) told the daily briefing in Amman, Jordan, that Baghdad and its environs remained insecure despite coalition efforts. This might be partly due to the prevalence of ammunition dumps and widespread availability of weapons in the market, coupled with growing frustration amongst the population, spokesman Ali Hamati said.Looting continued as armed groups pillaged facilities that had been re-equipped and repaired, he added. Of particular concern was the severe and consistent looting of the Rustumiya sewage treatment plant. The coalition had been asked to protect the facility but looters were still able to gain access and UNOHCI was pursuing the matter with the United States military command.Waste from three million people, around 60 per cent of Baghdad residents, was being pumped untreated into the Tigris River from Rustumiya, Mr. Hamati said. The plant could not be fully operational and repaired unless security and looting ceased. Armed groups had also harassed workers at electricity sub-stations, he added.In better news for Baghdad’s residents, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced its first medical shipment to Iraq from Iran – 20 tons of high protein biscuits, 100 boxes of oral re-hydration salts and 10 emergency health kits, enough for 100,000 people for three months.The convoy was expected to pave the way for similar ventures, according to Kari Egge, UNICEF Representative in Teheran. “The distance from the Khosravi border point to Baghdad is just 160 kilometres,” she said. “Given that proximity, the route has an important potential as a corridor for relief aid into central Iraq.” Similar convoys would be leaving for Baghdad and other major cities in the coming days and weeks, she added.The UN Development Programme (UNDP) said the past week saw a concrete re-start of its operations in Iraq with the arrival of four international technical staff in Erbil to resume their duties as part of the Electricity Network Rehabilitation Programme looking into urgent requirements in the three Northern governorates. In the south, the UNDP unit in Kuwait secured power generation equipment and a fuel pump for the emergency needs of water pumping/treatment station in Al-Zubair and a hospital in Nassiriyah, spokesman Pavel Kral said. As a result, Al-Zubair’s population of 400,000 now had access to potable water and the hospital can now store its supplies of vaccines safely.For its part, the World Food Programme (WFP) announced that two ships were due to berth at Aqaba, Jordan, today with 38,500 tons of food. Inside Iraq, the first convoy of food since the war started, arrived in Nassiriyah in the south with 880 tons of flour, enough for 100,000 people for a month, spokesman Khaled Mansour said. read more

Darwendale contract imminent for 400 million mining complex

first_imgThe Russian – Zimbabwean Darwendale platinum deposit project in Zimbabwe being implemented by Great Dyke Investments (PVT) Ltd, has nearly finished selection of a general contractor for construction of a mining and processing plant. This plant along with a smelter will process up to 10 Mt of ore to eventually produce up to 855,000 oz (about 27 t) of PGMs and gold per year.“We are going to choose very soon our EPC/EPCM from among those already short-listed to this role. We are talking about the implementation of a full cycle of work: detailed design, procurement of equipment, construction materials, machinery, as well as further organisation and control over the construction of the facility. According to our estimates the investment in the first phase the project construction is US$400 million,” said Dr Hepsina Rukato, Chairman of the GDI Board of Directors.GDI has held negotiations with more than 50 potential contractors, all with the best credentials in implementing such large-scale projects. Concurrently with EPC/EPCM contractor selection process, the Company has completed a thorough examination of issuers related to industrial and environmental safety, production efficiency, performed required testwork, and reached tentative deals for selling its end products.It should be noted again, that over $60 million have been already invested during a preparatory project phase to complete an extensive geological exploration campaign and comprehensive process-related testwork to study ore concentration amenability covering a significant part of the mining lease area, which confirmed current ore resources in accordance with JORC international standards to the amount equivalent to 17.6 Moz (or 550 t) of PGMs and gold. The results of Banking Feasibility Study (BFS) performed in 2017 confirmed available reserves for production at the first project phase equivalent to 7.8 Moz (or 240 t) of PGM and gold (as per JORC).Within a site planned for mining and processing complex, the core facilities of industrial yard and infrastructure for initial mine development have been built: roads more than 6 km long, a modern core storage facility compliant with international standards, a modern accommodation camp and over 2,000 m² of residential and office premises. According to experts, the project, once at full capacity, will create up to 8,000 highly skilled jobs.The project involves a number of internationally recognized consultants with expertise and track record in similar high-profile projects, such as DRA, which prepared the Bank Feasibility Study, and well as Loesche, MSA Group, TOMS Institute and Metallicon specialised in engineering and process design. PwC, SFA Oxford provide analytical support to the project. Cresco Project Finance and EY have been engaged as financial advisers.last_img read more

Sick of the same old scrambled eggs Here are some unusual incredible

first_img Source: Full Fork Ahead6.  Overnight French toastGot friends coming over for brunch? You can make this overnight French toast the night before, and it all comes together in about 10 minutes flat. Handy. Source: Picasa 3.07. CilbirTurkish-style eggs poached with yoghurt, sprinkled with smoked paprika. Unusual, but tasty. Imagine how cultured you’ll look. Eggs and yoghurt like it ain’t no thang. Source: Home Cooking Montana8. Golden chocolate eggPerfect to make and eat with kids for a special occasion or in the run-up to Easter. You blow the eggs out of the shell using a needle and a straw, clean the shells, then pour in chocolate to set. Of course, you can paint them any colour you want – but the gold is deadly, isn’t it? Source: The KitchnRead: Fed up with the full Irish? Check out these amazing uses for black pudding>Read: Wrecked? Hungover? Here’s how to hack your breakfast> LAST WEEK, WE were all about black pudding.But this week, it’s the turn of the unassuming but brilliantly versatile EGG. The star of the fried breakfast show. The unsung hero of the morning hours. Fried, scrambled, boiled, poached – we all know the old reliables.But why not think outside the box? Or, um, shell?1. Baked egg in avocado (with bacon)Eat this straight from the skin, or else dig it out and spread it on toast. Warm avocado divides people, but you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Source: whiteonricecouple.com2. Chinese tea eggsMarbled tea eggs are a traditional Asian food, usually a snack. You make a tea egg by pre-boiling it, cracking up the shell and boiling it again in tea, sauce or spices. Five-spice powder is commonly used, giving the eggs a salty, savoury taste.Do you like tea enough to dare trying a tea egg? Source: bezajel3. Huevos rancherosHas the burrito popularity surge in recent years piqued your interest in Mexican food? Then huevos rancheros are for you. This dish is popular on rural Mexican farms as a mid-morning meal. You’ve got your eggs in there, some tortillas, salsa, rice, and it’s even been known to come with some refried beans, sour cream, jalapenos or guacamole. Source: jeffreyw4. Arancini eggsArancini are little ball of risotto rice fried. This recipe substitutes sausage meat for an egg instead, making it almost more of a twist on a Scotch egg. Source: Crave DFW5. Egg, cheese and bacon tartNot quite a quiche, not quite a souffléd egg. But definitely the best of both worlds. Recipe here. Incredibly handy, because each little tart serves one person.Or all of them all for you, depending on how you’re feeling.last_img read more

Man who wrote hatefilled articles about MP found guilty of raciallyaggravated harassment

first_imgSarah Jennings, a lawyer from CPS London, said:“The highly offensive, hateful and racist articles written by Bonehill-Paine in his online campaign against Ms Berger are indefensible.He claimed that the posts were appropriate within the bounds of free speech and freedom of political expression. However, the whole point of his posts was to aim anti-Semitic hostility towards Luciana Berger.“Everyone has the right not to be harassed or subjected to racist abuse, no matter what position they hold in public life.”Comments are closed for legal reasons.Read: At least 97 dead and hundreds injured in Indonesian earthquakeRead: Tánaiste seeks legal advice on Garda whistleblowers report Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Whoops! We couldn’t find this Tweet Wednesday 7 Dec 2016, 11:04 PM By Órla Ryan Share6 Tweet Email Dec 7th 2016, 11:04 PM Labour MP Luciana Berger speaks outside the Old Bailey in London today. Image: Jonathan Brady PA Wire/PA Imagescenter_img Man who wrote ‘hate-filled’ articles about MP found guilty of racially-aggravated harassment One of them was called The Legacy of Operation Filthy Jew B***h. Image: Jonathan Brady PA Wire/PA Images Labour MP Luciana Berger speaks outside the Old Bailey in London today. A MAN WHO posted “highly offensive” and anti-Semitic articles relating to Luciana Berger, a Labour MP, has been found guilty of guilty racially-aggravated harassment.The jury at the Old Bailey in London heard Joshua Bonehill-Paine, 24, had engaged in an online hate campaign against Berger.Bonehill-Paine, from Yeovil in Somerset, began posting the articles on two websites in 2014 following the conviction of another man who had posted similarly hateful content about Berger.The articles were described in court as “littered with hate”. One of them was called The Legacy of Operation Filthy Jew Bitch.Bonehill-Paine will be sentenced at a later date and the Crown Prosecution Service will apply for a Criminal Behaviour Order to restrict his access to the internet. No Comments Short URL 12,948 Views last_img read more

SYRIZA ahead with 149 seats 2 short to rule outright

first_imgA seven-party Parliament has emerged from the 2015 elections, according to the results, as released by Singular Logic’s CEO Michael Cariotoglou.The Greek interior ministry predicted earlier that SYRIZA would achieve 36.5 per cent of the vote and win 150 seats – one short of a majority. SYRIZA is with the lead but still at 36.08 per cent and 149 seats. Nevertheless, this is considered to be a landmark win of the left, as the party is set to change Greece’s political order. “SYRIZA’s victory marked an end to the vicious cycle of austerity,” said Alexis Tsipras, the party’s leader slamming the ‘neo-liberal’ conditions set by the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank.“The verdict of the Greek people renders the troika a thing of the past for our common European framework.”Golden Dawn and ‘To Potami’ are the two parties vying for third place returning 17 representatives to the Greek parliament. The extremist fascist party thriving on the back of anti-immigrant sentiment though, seems to be advancing despite 7 of the party’s 17 members of parliament being in jail or under house arrest. Kinima on the other hand, George Papandreou’s new party, with less than 3 pct of the vote, will not be entering Parliament.Singular Logic’s Official results released by the Interior Ministry (88 percent of votes counted) as follows:SYRIZA: 36.08%, 149 seats New Democracy: 27.87%, 76 seats Golden Dawn: 6.31%, 17 seats POTAMI: 6.02%, 17 seats KKE: 5.48%, 15 seats ANEL: 4.72%, 13 seats PASOK: 4.69%, 13 seats KINIMA: 2.44%, 0 seats Enosi Kedroon: 1.79%, 0 seats Teleia-A.Gkletsos: 1.78%, 0 seats La.Os: 1.03%, 0 seats Ant capitalist Coalition of the Left M.Ar.S.: 0.63, 0 seats*Singular Logic is the company in charge of collecting and transmitting Greece’s national election results. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Women sign letter calling for change at state Capitol

first_imgOLYMPIA — More than 170 women — including lobbyists and lawmakers — signed a letter Monday calling for a culture change at the Washington state Capitol dealing with sexual harassment.The signers, who include more than 40 lawmakers from both sides of the political aisle, say that as “women serving and working in the legislative and political realm, we add our voices to the chorus of ‘enough.’ ”The group said its members “stand together to change a culture that, until now, has too often functioned to serve and support harassers’ power and privilege over protection of those who work with them.”The fallout from sexual harassment and assault allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein and others in Hollywood has stretched to Legislatures, with hundreds of lawmakers, lobbyists and consultants across the nation calling the problem pervasive. Accusations have also emerged in Oregon, Rhode Island, Illinois and California.The letter in Washington comes a week after four women said publicly that former Democratic Rep. Brendan Williams sexually harassed them. Also last week, leaders at the Washington state House acknowledged for the first time that the reason for former Rep. Jim Jacks’ sudden resignation in 2011 was because of allegations of inappropriate behavior toward a female staffer.last_img read more

Zaha has received death threats after Sundays match

first_imgThe Ivory Coast international won the penalty that allowed Crystal Palace to get a 2-2 draw against Arsenal in the English Premier LeagueCrystal Palace footballer Wilfried Zaha won a penalty on Sunday’s match between his club and Arsenal, giving his club a 2-2 draw.But since then, he has received racist abuse and death threats.“For all the people taking it one step further and being racist and wishing death on my family, I wish your families the best too,” he wrote on Instagram according to Goal.Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“P.S My life is still very good despite your hate.”“It’s difficult. I think it’s a clear penalty,” he said. “I touched him in the knee.”“The referee gave a penalty. That’s football.”last_img read more

Vancouver man located in Italian hospital after mugging

first_imgA Vancouver photographer who disappeared late Tuesday during a vacation in Rome has been found in an Italian hospital.A friend of Mark Galligan said he’d been “drugged and mugged and abandoned.” Galligan’s condition was not immediately known. Galligan, 30, was sightseeing in Italy with his sister, Shyla, who is also a photographer. He went out on his own Tuesday and never returned. Friends and family learned today that Galligan had been located. The Italian Embassy and the state department helped in the search for Galligan.last_img

Baby boom Davie Fire Rescue welcomes 9 babies in 10 months

first_imgA baby boom has extended the family of Davie firefighters.Davie Fire Rescue took to Twitter to mark a very special milestone: Nine babies have been born to the firefighters’ families over the last 10 months. Baby Boom! 9 babies were welcomed to our fire family over the last 10 months! We had the opportunity to get the all of the firefighters (mother or father) together with their infants for a quick photo shoot.— Davie Fire Rescue (@DavieFireRescue) June 8, 2018Crew members celebrated the special moment with a photo shoot. They got together for the cameras after the family grew over the last 10 months.The three photos tweeted pout by the department shows the nine babies posing for a picture with their parents.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Neural Network Ruins Disney Songs Forever

first_img In humans, short-term memory allows unrehearsed recall for a period of several seconds to a minute. In neural networks, it introduces hilarious effects.In her latest AI experiment, research scientist Janelle Shane adjusted the length of her computer’s memory, making it “really, really short.”Therefore, when the network looks back over generated content, it sees only a couple of words at a time, instead of full phrases.AdChoices广告“Here’s how this plays out when I train a neural network to write lyrics to Disney songs,” Shane teased in a blog post.Starting with a list of 224 tunes (about 8,200 lines), the system displayed a “modest” memory length of 50 letters, which looks a little something like this:“ow you the worldShining, shimmering, splendidTel”Children of the ’90s will instantly recognize those choppy sentences as the opening lyrics of “A Whole New World,” the beautiful ballad sung on high (from a magic carpet) in Aladdin.And just like you’re now singing along with Jasmine and her prince, the neural network can memorize whole lines of songs. Though, with a degree of randomness built into the system, it doesn’t always land on the right chord.“A whole new world (A whole new world)A new fantastic point of viewNo one to tell us noOr where we will live”I personally like the rebellious twist on Tim Rice’s lyrics.The song continues, launching into a repetitive chorus of “let it snow” (the original tune written in 1945, and recorded for Disney’s Phineas and Ferb Holiday Favorites album), before eventually settling into a Pocahontas theme:“With the colors of the windCan you paint with all the colors of the windCan you paint with all the colors of the windCan you paint with all the colors of the windCan you paint with all the colors of the windCan you paint with all the colors of the wi”Repeating lines in the original dataset (as Pocahontas does as she and John Smith frolic through the forest) creates a broken-record effect: the neural network simply learns that one line is followed by the same line.“What it doesn’t know, however, is how many ‘colors of the wind’ lines it’s already seen at a given point,” Shane explained.With limited hindsight, the network doesn’t know whether to move on to the next line, or keep singing the same one.“Usually, like Dory, it just keeps singing,” she said.With each trim of characters—from 50 to 20 to 10 to five—the network’s functionality begins to dwindle.Sign up online to relive your childhood and get more bastardized versions of Disney songs from Shane’s neural network. And, help an AI out by entering the first line of a novel to help beef up the NaNoWriMo dataset attempted earlier this month. MIT’s AI Knitting System Designs, Creates Woven GarmentsResearchers Train AI To Feel Emotion, Too Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more