Lomai slotted in Kumul starting line up

first_imgCoach Michael Marum said from Sydney this afternoon Lomai got the nod ahead of Edward Goma, who is the 18th man.Goma replaced Townsville Blackhawks backrower Rhyse Martin who withdrew earlier this week due to personal reasons.“Timothy Lomai will partner Rodney Griffin in the second row in an otherwise unchanged line up announced last week,” Marum said.He said there were concerns with Adex Wera (calf) and Ase Boas (hamstring) but the injuries are improving as the days go by.“They’ve been attended to by the physios and are improving quite rapidly. They will be okay in the next 48 hours,” the coach said.He said apart from this, the camp has been very good so far with all the players and staff mixing very well. “We had our final field session this morning (Thursday) and was really good,” he said.The captain’s run will be held tomorrow (Friday) at 10am at Pirtek stadium, Paramatta.The PNG LNG Kumuls play Fiji Batis at 5.30pm on Saturday followed by Tonga versus Samoa at 7.30pm at the Pirtek Stadium in Paramatta, Sydney.Both matches will be televised ‘live’ to PNG and the Pacific by EMTV.The PNG LNG Kumuls team vs Fiji Batis on Saturday is:1. David MEAD – (Captain), 2. Justin OLAM, 3. Kato OTTIO, 4. Nene McDONALD, 5. Stargroth AMEAN, 6. Ase BOAS, 7. Watson BOAS, 8. Luke PAGE, 9. Wartovo PUARA Jnr, 10. Henry NOKI, 11. Timothy LOMAI, 12. Rod GRIFFIN, 13. Adam KORAVE, 14. Adex WERA, 15. Brandy PETER, 16. Willie MINOGA, 17. Kurt BAPTISTE, 18. Edward GOMACoach: Michael MARUMlast_img read more

Michel Hidalgo will be buried in the colors of Olympique de Marseille

first_imgMichel Hidalgo, a former French coach from 1976 to 1984, died last Friday at age 87, after a long illness. Hidalgo, considered one of the best coaches in the history of the French team, he trained Olympique de Marseille for five seasons, between 1986 and 1991. His wife Monique Hidalgo has made posted a message in which he thanks for all the signs of affection and reveals that Michel Hidalgo’s funeral will be held this Tuesday and will be buried with the colors of the Marseillaise ensemble: “Monique Hidalgo appreciates the events at the Stade Vélodrome in memory of Michel. We hope that all the former internationals with Michel Hidalgo will participate in the tribute. Michel will be buried tomorrow and will be dressed in his march with an OM tracksuit. Again, thanks for the affection for Michel, he deserves it because he passionately loved OM and the city of Marseille. Thank you, thank you, thank you“he said the warm message of gratitude from the family of the French myth. Michel Hidalgo was also part of the so-called “Foot Champagne” that Reims established during the 1950s. Along with Raymond Kopa, they played the final of the European Cup against Real Madrid, scoring a goal in the 3-2 defeat against the white team.“Hi everyone, I just want to make a quick video message just to say how deeply embarrassed I am by what happened this weekend.”last_img read more

Santamaría: “We lost, but had not killed or stolen”

first_imgBy World Cup 82. Spain for the first and only time assumes responsibility for organizing the World Soccer Championship. Expectations are maximum. José Emilio Santamaría (7/31-1929) is the technician chosen to drive the boat. The Selection barely passes the first league and is eliminated in the second. Tremendous disappointment and a pointed and crucified man. The maximum responsibility is imputed to him. That man, now 90 years old, confesses for the first time after that debacle. Break their silence. Human, sore and tremendously sincere. All that can be when you do not want to stir history up a lot and refuse to give your own names.-Let’s get into the background. When you arrived in Spain, at Real Madrid, you had already been international with Uruguay, you had played the 1954 World Cup and you had even been about to play the ’50 in Brazil with your ‘maracanazo’.-So is. In 1950 I was very young and played in midfield and the owner was Obdulio Varela. In my team, Nacional, I went to play central and my coach, Enrique Fernández, told me that since I was not going to play in the national team, he would not let me go and just the day before I had to resign. I lost the title of world champion for that reason.-And they take revenge at 54 in Switzerland.-Yes, I already started there. The mud prevented us from playing the final. We played against the great Hungary that was playing crazy football and in the play that should have been 3-2 for us, the ball stopped on the same goal line. Then in overtime they beat us.-And that World Cup opens the doors of Real Madrid.-Yes. We did a training at the Bernabéu and the president, Don Santiago asked me if I was descendants of Spaniards. I said yes and the procedures began, which took two years. For me it was a new world. My wife and I came with a child and then we reached seven, although unfortunately one of us left.-Triumphs fully at Real Madrid and the doors of his second team are opened.-A satisfaction that gave my parents, playing with Spain. I debuted in 1958 against Northern Ireland and we won. 6-2. Then I played the World Cup in Chile in 62, which played a trick on us with a goal annulled Adelardo against Brazil.-He retires from football and in 1968 signs for the Federation.-When I retired from Real Madrid I kept working in the quarry and the Federation called me to take charge of the youth and amateur teams. We won a match against France in the Parc des Princes with Santillana and Guisasola, who then played for Athletic, in the midfield. That victory gave belief to managers to support grassroots football. We did the 68 Mexico Olympics and the 1970 European Amateur in Italy, which we won. Espanyol called me in 1971 and I spent seven years there. -That team was good: six Real Sociedad players who had been the league champion those two years, five from Real Madrid, four from Barcelona, ​​three from Sporting, who were a good team… They were a team to have done something else.-It all depended on the classification, if we had been first in the group you were practically in the semifinals.-The team formed it without any pressure, they were what you wanted.-Those who were were the ones who were standing out the best. Then, the temperament of each one is missing when he is in a final and the responsibility he acquires. Sometimes you risk doing things that do not tell you confident that you are doing well, but there are other things you do that are not sent to you by anyone and you do them the same on your own … and of course.– Everything starts badly from the first match against Honduras (1-1).-There was a lack of confidence to win Honduras who was not an enemy. There the team was affected. That tie didn’t have to have happened and it did. I told them that we had not played enough, but that we had two games to qualify. What happens is that later the things that come come and I do not want to say because they were very unpleasant.-In what sense?-In his performance in the field. There is a time when you are playing and you make a determination without thinking about what you were doing. They risked. The risk led us to lose the papers when we least should have lost them. And that left us hanging.-You suffered a lot, I could verify it live.-Yes. The truth is, I shouldn’t have “grabbed” him. He had already passed a stage in the Federation at the youth, Olympic and professional levels and the professional was not shot for more demanding matches. I was convinced of what we were doing.-But being a coach when your country is the organizer is the maximum illusion that a coach can have.-I’m not the only one. There have been more coaches who did not win at home. What we lacked was continuity before the World Cup and seeing that more important than the results was the performance of the players. There was no activity before arriving with four or five games that put you in tune.– What influence did the environment, the press, everything that involved the team, have the poor performance of the team? You in public always defended your players. (embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lrr1UMpH1s (/ embed) “I just hadn’t achieved a goal. The word failure for me does not exist ” -It means that there begins the ordeal that had to happen later during the World Cup.-The mistrust was total. I couldn’t trust anyone, who I was going to trust. There was only one in Madrid who told me: “Pepe, what lesson did you give us?” And I said, “No lesson, it’s my job.” I had no one with me, what was I going to do? The processes began, then the World Cup comes, there are strange things in the matches … At the London hotel I should have told Porta that I was leaving.-One year before the World Cup, the National Team toured South America with six friendlies. A good idea that went wrong because it was a failure.– To that tour already it was a little bitten by the subject. I did not like it very much. In depths I do not want to enter. I talked to the players about normal and gave them some freedom to take off the weight of being all day thinking about the game. I don’t know if it was poorly done. I do not know. INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) A set pieceYour football or current football? I liked mine. Now South American and European soccer has been mixed for good.Pablo Porta. A man with future views.Quini. Honesty on the field and off the field.Juanito. The picaresque.Arconada. I do not answer.Saporta. An engine based on Don Santiago.Mestalla. Nice.Santiago Bernabeu. Glorious. When he arrived chewing the cigar, we left because there was anger for someone.Football. Something adorable that will remain adorable for all the years to come. INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) “Things were done in games that I had not scored. Risks were taken ” – That has always been so because the one who is in the field is the one who must demonstrate eighty percent of his possibilities, the one who is outside, writes or speaks according to his own criteria. There was little communication with me. You know that too well. And I was where I had to be. Since we arrived in Valencia. The Press shouldn’t have been a problem. With the Press there must be a dialogue of understanding. I cannot say if the Press influenced or not because with me there was little deal. I cannot consider her as my enemy. The big disappointment was that after Wembley no one came to talk to me.– The pressure experienced during that World Cup has been unmatched in the history of the National Team.-After the game against England, I doubted the support for myself by the person who was on the play who was the public and the informants. I felt touched because they did not talk about what I had announced to them.-The issue of Security surrounding the team could also influence the group. They were with a policeman behind until the rest days.-The issue of security is sometimes given more importance and hierarchy than it should have. The time comes when you feel uncomfortable. You are continuously controlled. The picaresque enters the player. All the bullshit you can do, you do. “I disappeared because I had not achieved something that was essential for the entire country” INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) – I have a phrase of his from the few times he spoke of the World Cup. “They taught me to have a grudge.”– I said that? Never. I never spoke of rancor. I speak of mistrust to people why you ‘do’ things in the field that you have never done before. You start to doubt if they are with you or against you.– In his case, the coach was blamed more than the players. There were moments when you seemed to have lost yourself.-I repeat. All that comes from the England match. If 34 people don’t talk to you at all, you have to think that they are against it. I don’t know if it was political, nor did I want to know. I retired from football and out.-In the end, he got into a mania for what had been his life until then, soccer.-I didn’t get into a hobby. Then I joined the veterans of Real Madrid and with that I was drowning … Little by little uncovering my way of thinking that they were all enemies and I began to see friendly and reasonable people.-Do you accept that the World Cup changed your life? It was six years that he did not want to see anyone.-Yes Yes. I totally left. I didn’t want to know anything. From no one. I didn’t go to stadiums. I started going when I was going back to the veterans, with that help work. What is clear to me is that things happened before the World Cup and things happened along the way and then others. As I did not see it, I cannot say it, but I know that on the bus when I was no longer there there was a great … no fight, a confrontation between two players. After the game that left us out.– and how it is explained that a man who had dedicated his whole life to soccer could live without soccer. You were 53 years old and had lived soccer since before the age of 20. It seemed that you went to the moon.-There comes a time when bitterness deprives you of having confidence about the people you are going to speak to. As what failed you at the time failed you, you begin to doubt everyone. Which is not correct either. But at that time it was that. Little by little I started to do things again. I also have satisfactions of that time.-He did not call people to encourage him …-No, people didn’t call me to talk about it, no. My friends were always with me and since I have a large family, with positive sons-in-law, I have continued living. – And it comes back in 1978.– Porta calls me to move people because that did not work. I suggest you make selections of all ages, from under-15 to under-21. There was only the sub-18. Also an Olympian with three seniors up to 25 years old. I plan with the future in mind. They liked it and so we started playing games with all the teams and the girl was delighted. We begin to know the world.(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1OQEKf4JqI (/ embed) – In 1980 they convince him to take over the absolute … that two years later he has to play no more and no less than the World Cup as host.– I did not want Kubala to be fired, who was in office. It was working fine. But he wanted to go. We plan one game a month. We had no filming. In March ’81 we played at Wembley against England who had only lost a home game against Hungary in 1953 (3-6) and won (1-2). That day something happened to me that marked me for later. 34 Spanish informants went to that trip. Pablo Porta asks me to have a coffee with the journalists and the managers after lunch and before the game. He asks me to say how we were going to play. The gada gallegada ’came in and I wanted to eat them, but I did. I ‘rotten’ because I already wanted to leave. I said I had never done it but that I was going to. I explained to them who were going to play, how we were going to play, our faults and that of the English, our virtues and that of the English. At least thirty of them had that little smile, as if to say this one who is going to cheat. I’m not messing with journalists. It was what happened.The game ends, we win and we go to the hotel. I arrive and do not see anyone. Only Porta and Havelange, (FIFA President), speaking. I was with Alejandro Vogel and I told him, this is over, it’s over now. Three quarters of an hour waiting and from time to time Porta looked at me and thought this is going to put the dagger in me, for me. My idea was to tell him I was leaving.-But why you wanted to go with a World Cup ahead and above in Spain.– Because I didn’t have the support I had to have. ‘You want to’ believe that we arrived on the plane the next day, we arrived in Madrid and not a conversation with any journalist. What was happening, something had to happen there. We had won in England…! After explaining everything as I explained it to him and then it happened as is, nobody came to ask me anything, nor did they speak to me. I did not have the support of his peers then. I thought there was something strange there. INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) – The World Cup arrives. Is it noticeable that the team, being classified ex officio, has been without competition matches for two years?-What I noticed is that things were done in the games that I had not scored and things that are very profound and I don’t want to say but that really … You heard family phone conversations with players. I do not. Team people. Things had happened in games that are not normal. That was the big problem there was.(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05qmUqHSWyA (/ embed) “Until ’82 I had achieved everything in football” “I do not speak of rancor, I speak of mistrust. If they are with you or against you ” -You are now 90 years old, in your life there is a before and after the World Cup.-My life does not change. I withdraw from something that I have not achieved. Until then he had achieved everything. I disappear because I had not achieved something that was essential for the entire country. You can emphasize that as a son of Galician I feel as Spanish as the most. That World Cup hurt my soul, it was so that I had not stepped on a playing field anymore. I do not seek justifications. None. I was responsible, I did not get the team … although the goals are made by the players, that my mandate did not reach the players and it is possible that this was the mistake. -While constantly reading and listening to the word failure, what did you think?-I did not read the Press, nor did I listen to Radio or Television for a year after the World Cup. But the word failure for me does not exist. Today you get one thing wrong and the next day you get five good ones. I have been successful in this or I have not been successful. There were three positions that could have gotten them differently. I will not give names. I did an examination of conscience where I could be wrong. Not wanting to know anything about anything helped me recover. I was going to the stadium. And I only trusted what I saw.– He always bragged about always keeping his head high.– Yes, I had not killed, I had not stolen, I had not cheated … I had told what I was doing. He had 34 people who could testify, none did at the time. No one. But it does not matter. I do not know how to lie. You can tell right away if I’m lying. They didn’t teach me to lie when I was little.(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3-8F_wZbJA (/ embed) INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) – What part of the blame was the result of the World Cup?– Only one thing, that I did not succeed in the preparation before the World Cup. Why? Because we lacked contact. Why? Because there was the doubt …-He never tried to defend himself, speak, give his reasons.– I retired because I did not fulfill the objective that I had. Why did those who heard me not come near me? Was there a slogan? It makes me think. Can not be. There was something strange.– We crucified you for the 82nd World Cup, but then 26 years passed before Spain won a title. Santamaría was not the only one who had not won.– This i do not know. If there was any special order, any special command, there was a policy … What do you want me to say?-How did you experience the triumphs of the National Team from 2008 to 2012?-Very good. I have felt one more. The mere fact of having defended the colors of Uruguay and Spain and seeing that what I had in mind and could not resurface. I had precisely that in mind, to move people to give them maturity and seniority. They did it with another coach, well, and with a different mindset. But the root was sown there. I feel part of those successes. All the selections we create have been shot and matured. Today the Spanish player goes outside and comes out with his chest open, before only those who left after the Civil War went to South America and Mexico. I am a participant even if nobody tells me.I have seen that the things that I had programmed then began to work, the selections were phenomenal and one day I saw the president (Villar) and said to him, do you know who was the one who invented all this? And he said yes, you. Well, you’ve never invited me to any final, I said. I, everything that has been achieved afterwards, I give as my thing, although nobody praised me at all. “That World Cup hurt my soul. I didn’t want to know anything about anything or anyone ” FOOTBALL 19/20INMA FLORES (DAILY AS) (embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1owAJgfNN4 (/ embed)last_img read more

High schools show support for special needs, Deadline extended for Digicel 5K Imagine Run

first_img Deadline extension To facilitate the growing number of participants, the deadline was extended and will close today. Interested persons may sign up for the Run online at www.runningeventsja.com for $1,200 or make a contribution to the cause through the Digicel Foundation. In addition to the traditional run, walk and wheelchair options, persons will also be able to sign up for the ‘Fun’ route, which is an obstacle course filled with challenges, including pillow fights, neon light, paint and other interesting diversions. “Our aim at Digicel Foundation is to not only improve the lives of our special needs friends, but to also educate more persons about special needs so that they can be better integrated into our society,” said executive director of the Digicel Foundation, Samantha Chantrelle. She added: “With increased awareness, we will eventually see Jamaicans making more effort to help these persons, whether it is through a simple act of helping a blind person to cross the road or to volunteer their time at one of the 12 beneficiary institutions of the run.” KINGSTON: Support for the Digicel 5K Imagine Run 2015 continues to increase since its launch over a month ago, with over 200 high-school students signed up to participate in the annual event on Saturday. This includes students from Campion College, Camperdown High School, Mavis Bank High, AISK and St George’s College. Digicel extended a special invitation to schools within the Corporate Area to drive further awareness of the special-needs community, while educating the students about the cause during their morning assemblies. Now in its fourth staging, the annual event has maintained its mandate of using the funds raised to develop special-needs institutions in Jamaica. “At St George’s College, we do a number of charities as we believe it is important for our students to give back to the community,” shared Colleen Yee Sing-Mitchell, guidance counsellor at the North Street-based institution. “Special needs is not necessarily one of the areas to which the gentlemen of the school have been exposed, so we think the Digicel 5K Run is an ideal opportunity for them to learn about Jamaica’s special-needs community and play a part in supporting them,” she added.last_img read more

Min. Samukai Appreciates U.S. Support against Ebola

first_imgMinister of National Defense Brownie J. Samukai, Jr., has expressed appreciation to the United States Government for its continued support to countries, particularly in West Africa, affected by the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Minister Samuka highlighted the leadership role being demonstrated by the U.S. Government which, according to him, signifies that Liberia is not alone in the fight against the EVD, lauding U.S. Senator Christopher Coons for raising the concern about Liberia to his government.In the words of Minister Samukai, “Your robust response has made a significant impact on the psyche (consciousness, mind) of our people.” Meanwhile, Minister Samukai has called for much more robust support from the U. S Government, in order to stabilize the health secctors not only in Liberia but also in Guinea and Sierra Leone, two other West African countries hit hardest by the virus.Minister Samukai made the statement on Saturday, December 20, 2014 when Senator Christopher Coons and a delegation paid a courtesy call on the Defense Minister at his Barclay Training Center offices in Monrovia, according to a statement from the Ministry of National Defense in Monrovia.Expressing his gratitude to the Liberian people, Senator Coons thanked Minister Samuaki for the warm hospitality accorded him and his delegation. He also lauded the leadership of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) for its support to the U.S. Military, which is helping them to be able to respond effectively to reports of Ebola case across the country.“We will continue our emergency actions that will support your efforts, which are aimed eradicating this deadly Ebola,” Senator Coons said in a statement.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

New L$500 Bank Note, Minting Smaller Denominations: CBL’s Commendable Changes

first_imgThe Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) has embarked upon a number of highly commendable changes designed to ease the public’s handling of the Liberian currency.The first announcement CBL made last week was that it was introducing a L$500 note. But the Central Bank is not simply throwing out this new and most welcome banknote to the public. Last Monday it commenced sending out teams of experts throughout the country, starting with Kakata, capital of Margibi County, an important commercial center. The aim is to introduce to the public the new L$500 and other banknotes; to explain other currency issues; and to listen to the public’s own concerns about money in the country.CBL’s Deputy Director for Banking Services, Ms. Miatta Kurteh, told Margibians that the new L$500 and other new banknotes being issued are marked by special security features, in order to make counterfeits impossible. Our Roving Reporter Edwin Fayia, who accompanied the CBL team to Kakata, said Ms. Kurteh delighted the crowded Kakata meeting with two other pieces of good news. First, CBL is about to replace the old, tattered banknotes with new ones. This, she said, is contrary to rumors that the Bank had handed over all the old bills to moneychangers on the streets. She explained that CBL was soon to bring in brand new banknotes. The Bank, secondly, would also soon be introducing smaller currency denominations. This means that goods on the market would no longer cost a minimum of L$5. This is good and bad news—good news for consumers and bad news for vendors. Take the women selling tiny bags of peanuts. These are now sold for two prices—L$5 and L$10. How much would these small sachets now cost when smaller denominations are introduced to the market? Shall a L$5 bag of peanuts now be sold for between 25 or 50 cents, or less? What impact would these new and smaller currency denominations have on prices generally in the marketplace?News of the replacement of worn-out dollar notes with brand new ones was particularly heartwarming to Margibians, as it will be to people throughout the country. People cannot wait to lay their hands on the new dollar notes in exchange for the existing ones, which have become so tattered and dangerous to handle because they are so filthy.The CBL team disclosed that special windows will be opened at various banks around the country through which people may exchange their old notes for new ones. The downside to this is that the cries of “tear-tear” money changers will cease.The question is, will CBL begin to put into place new notes on a periodic basis so that Liberians may feel that they are now living in a modern new world, at least in terms of the clean money they would now have to exchange from hand to hand each day?One thing we are sure of: No one, especially vendors, other marketers and businesspeople who handle money in bulk, can wait for the arrival on the market of the L$500 notes. This will make money so much easier to carry. Consider this in contrast to the L$5 silver “doe-lars” of the 1980s, which were not only bulky, but extremely heavy to carry around. During their meeting with the CBL team, Margibians raised an issue which is on every Liberian’s mind—the issue of the existing dual currency in Liberia—the L$ and the US$. The Margibians called for the withdrawal of the US$ in preference to the L$. But that was a matter far too big for the CBL team; or even indeed for their boss, CBL Governor Milton Weeks himself. Assistant Director for Banking Services, William Dagbe, explained that the issue of foreign currency was a matter exclusively for the National Legislature. It is they who determine what kind of currency Liberia uses. Indeed, Article 34 (d) of the Constitution states that “the Legislature shall have the power [among other things] to issue currency, mint coins . . . and no coin [is to be] minted or national currency [issued] except by the expressed authority of the Legislature.” This burning question of the use of the US$ exclusively or along side the L$ has boggled (overwhelmed, baffled) the minds of Liberians for generations. There are those who insist that we have a peculiar advantage in maintaining the dual currency; while others say we should do as all of our neighbors in West Africa and the rest of the continent are doing – use our own local currency exclusively in the transaction of business.We reckon that this question will definitely be one of the major preoccupations of the administration that assumes power in January 2018. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Several injured in accident involving US Ambassador’s vehicle

first_imgPolice are investigating an accident on Friday morning, in which a route 44 mini-bus slammed into the back of a Land Cruiser, which transports United States Ambassador to Guyana, Perry Holloway.Several occupants of the mini-bus were said to have received minor injuries and were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation to be treated. Ambassador Holloway was not a passenger in the Land Cruiser at the time of the accident.The mini-bus involved in the accidentDetails will follow in the October 07, 2017 edition of the Guyana Times.last_img

Prospects West camp a learning experience for Inconnu swimmer Brittany Welsh

first_imgWelsh said the experience was a great one as it meant she fit in with the top swimmers from this part of the country.“It was awesome. The top swimmers in Western Canada get to go at the top of their age group and swimming. I got picked because I was on the alternate list but three other people cancelled so I got to go.”Instructors running the camp aimed for getting those taking part to hone in on the technical aspects of their swims. The camp was summarized as having an “evaluate/analyze/correct – race again” format.- Advertisement -“It’s a lot of technical work with focus on our stroke and how to improve it and how to get better in our races,” Welsh said. “It’s amazing. I love being able to go. It’s a big step up for me to be able to go to these kind of things.”Welsh will now turn her attention to preparing to compete at the Swim B.C. Provincial Championships in June.last_img read more

Action resumes this Saturday

first_imgGT Beer/Ballerz Ent Soft Shoe Football…Team Family’s Kevin Agard lit up the second night of action in the Ballerz Entertainment /GT Beer-sponsored 5-a-side Soft Shoe Football Competition, which continued on Sunday, at the Mocha Community Centre Ground, East Bank Demerara (EBD).Kevin AgardThe tournament, which is being run on a round-robin/knockout basis, saw Agard fire in his second hat-trick to lead the goal scoring in the competition so far and place himself in a wonderful position to win the top goalscorer award.In the first encounter of the night, Church Boys met with Ninja Clad in an eight-goal encounter. Alvin Demattos and Eric Sampson both scored two while Nectar Prince chipped in with one to take Church Boys to 5. Ninja Clad were consistent with their replies, but Adonie Rutherford’s double and Kester Stewart’s one were not enough for the win.In game two, Dream Team handed down a 5-0 thrashing to Cricketers. Orville Stewart, Dellon John, and Dorville Stewart all contributed, along with Kester Alleyne with a pair, to seal the win.Hardball and Front Side Warriors battled in the third game. Matthew Robinson, Jermaine James, and Pernell Gordon tallied one apiece for their 3-1 win over Front Side, who could only muster Orin James’s lone goal.The last game featured the powerhouse Family and Top Strikers. With all their players in tune, Family surged to a 7-1 victory. Agard netted three and was followed by Shamar Jones with two, Rondel Smith with one and Teon Jones with another. Top Strikers’ lone goal came from Darius Trumble.The tournament, which has over $200,000 in prize monies to be won, will see the winning team receive $100,000 while the second and third-placed finishers will take home $50,000 and $25,000 respectively, along with trophies. The action will continue on Saturday, October 13 at the same venue with another set of exciting games.last_img read more

Campus sharing proposed

first_imgSANTA CLARITA – The burgeoning West Ranch High School could alleviate overcrowding by sharing space at nearby Rancho Pico Junior High under a plan set for review Wednesday by the Hart school board. The recommendation by Robert C. Gapper, chief operations officer of the Hart Union High School District, is an effort toward compromise until a new campus is built in Castaic to handle the overload. The board also will consider companion recommendations to allow West Ranch students open enrollment at other Hart district campuses and to close West Ranch to interdistrict transfers. West Ranch Principal Bob Vincent and Rancho Pico’s Principal David LeBarron helped the district develop the proposed solution. West Ranch was built for 2,600 students, and expects to enroll about 3,235 by 2011. pat.aidem@dailynews.com (661) 257-5251160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! The district is faced with overcrowding at 3-year-old West Ranch, which serves students from Castaic, Westridge, Stevenson Ranch and a corner of Newhall. Castaic students are there until a high school opens in their community – but the campus has been delayed until at least 2010 in part because it’s tied to a development that might or might not be built to that schedule. For the past few weeks, parents have been flustered by talk of transferring some students to other campuses – including Golden Valley High some 15 miles away. Another plan involved adding modular classrooms on West Ranch at a cost of about $3 million. Meanwhile, Stevenson Ranch parents complained that the campus in their neighborhood is being crowded by students from another community who could be transferred elsewhere. Under the proposal now on the table, West Ranch students would take some classes at Rancho Pico, just across Valencia Boulevard. The move would cost about $55,000 for two campus supervisors to ensure safety across the street. “This suggested solution will avoid any cost for installation of relocatable classrooms and will not create additional transportation costs,” Gapper said in a report to the school board. “The proposed solution will provide for the education of all students, is fiscally responsible and will allow students in the same community to remain together throughout high school.” last_img read more