No govt projects recruitments without concurrence of Finance dept Mamata

first_imgHowrah: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee reiterated on Monday that no project or recruitment in government ranks should be carried out without the consent of the Finance department and warned of strong legal action against anybody undertaking such procedure keeping the government in the dark.”There is a system in the government and everybody has to follow the same. Even I in my government do not carry out anything without the approval of the Finance department. If any college flouts norms and appoints teachers on their own or a civic body recruits persons without the nod of the Finance department, we will initiate strong action and may even start criminal proceedings,” Banerjee said at the administrative review meeting held in Howrah Sarat Sadan. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaShe instructed state Municipal Affairs minister Firhad Hakim to check up with every single civic body in the state to ascertain whether they have been involved in such activities. The Chief Minister pulled up former Mayor of Howrah Municipal Corporation Rathin Chakraborty for recruitment in the HMC and taking up construction of a pumping station with underground reservoir without the nod of the Finance department. The construction work of the pumping station involving Rs 22 crore has been stalled due to lack of funds and the state Municipal Affairs department is now providing support to complete the project. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayHMC is presently under an administrator appointed by the state, with the former board led by Chakraborty ending its term. Chakraborty claimed that he had thought of completing the project with HMC’s own fund but it was disrupted with the municipal board getting dissolved. “No urban local body in the state is financially independent and is dependent on state government funds. So all should follow normal financial rules,” Chief Secretary Malay De said. Banerjee warned Chakraborty and all other concerned officials to abstain from similar practices in future. “You recruit people without proper approval and then the entire burden of paying them comes upon the government. The erstwhile Left Front government had recruited teachers in various categories with very low pay and we are now turning almost lunatic to tackle this problem,” she added. Banerjee also expressed her displeasure over poor drinking water facilities, drainage facilities and improper hygiene at some places in Howrah. “I am coming here after visiting a slum located at 2 no Round Tank Lane. There are 400 people in the slum but the number of toilets is only 2. There is provision for work in slum development and funds are also being allocated, but still work is being delayed,” Banerjee said, demanding an explanation from Bijin Krishna who has been appointed as administrator of HMC. She instructed Krishna to visit the slum and take action within a week and create facilities for at least 6 more toilets. According to Banerjee, some parts in both Howrah urban and rural areas have problems related to sanitation, sewerage, drinking water and solid waste management. “A task force will be constituted with the District Magistrate, local MLAs (including ministers) and other public representatives and government officials to address these issues with utmost priority and solve them in a time-bound matter,” Banerjee said. Trinamool Congress MLA from Shibpur Jatu Lahiri pulled up the issue of people facing problems with ration cards in some areas of Howrah. “I am against any sort of harassment of people who have problems with their ration cards. Organise camps on a regular basis and use microphones to spread awareness among people so that they turn up at the camps and sort out their issues regarding ration cards,” Banerjee instructed Manoj Agarwal, Principal Secretary of the state Food & Supplies department.last_img read more

Man charged with child pornography for ordering sex doll testifies at trial

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. — A man facing child pornography charges over a child-sized sex doll intercepted by the Canada Border Services Agency is  testifying in St. John’s provincial court today.The complicated case has been working its way through court for years, raising the issue of what constitutes child pornography if no real child was involved.Kenneth Harrisson, 54, faces charges of possessing child pornography, mailing obscene matter, and two charges under the federal Customs Act of smuggling and possession of prohibited goods.The case also deals with the limits of free expression.Harrison testified today that he did not intend to have sex with the doll and that he had ordered it for companionship to replace his son, who died as an infant.His testimony Friday was interrupted when he abruptly fainted and was taken away by an ambulance, according to local media reports. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Ricky Martin Meets Refugee Children In Lebanon

first_imgWorld-renowned singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ricky Martin calls for increased focus on safeguarding the futures of millions of children affected by the Syria conflict, whose lives have been shaped by displacement, violence and a persistent lack of opportunities.Ricky Martin plays football with Syrian refugee children at Al-Hissa informal refugee settlement in northern LebanonCredit/Copyright: UNICEF/UN020856/ChoufanyAround 1.1 million Syrians have sought refuge in Lebanon since the start of the crisis in 2011, more than half of them are children. Child refugees are particularly at risk of exploitation and abuse, with large numbers being left with no choice but to go out to work, rather than attend school.“We are in the sixth year of a crisis that has impacted the lives of millions of children and their families. An estimated 2.8 million children are now out of school in the region. I met children who have been forced to become breadwinners for their families, working up to 12 hours a day,” said Martin. “The world must do more to make sure these children are protected from exploitation and given access to safe environments where they can learn and be empowered.”Martin was most impacted by the story of Batoul, an 11 year old girl from Homs, who has to work in exchange for water and shelter. Batoul with her two older sisters and mother are the only bread winners in their family of 13. “I don’t get paid any money. I work very long hours harvesting broad beans, cherries, potatoes – whatever is in season”The deteriorating economic situation for Syrian refugees has dramatically exacerbated the problem of child labour in Lebanon. Adding to the psychological distress already affecting many of the children who have fled conflict and violence at home is the challenge associated with some of the worst forms child labour such as working on construction sites, which can cause long-term developmental and psychological damage as well as physical harm.UNICEF, together with its partners, is trying to address the direct causes of child labour by combating poverty, providing free education and economic opportunities for parents and youth of working age, and identifying children working in the worst forms of child labour and giving them access to other opportunities such as learning.During the two-day visit, Martin also witnessed how UNICEF is working to provide protective environments for children and adolescents where they can play and receive the support they need to get back into formal education. In Lebanon’s Bekaa valley and Akkar, Martin participated in recreational activities for children at safe spaces in informal settlements. Additionally, he met adolescents attending life-skills training, provided by UNICEF and partners, where girls and boys are given vocational training and learning support.UNICEF is working closely with the Government institutions, as well as local and international partners, to meet the needs of over 800,000 vulnerable children who have sought refuge in the country with a focus on health and nutrition; education; child protection; water, sanitation and hygiene; and support services that specifically target adolescents.“I am inspired by the courage of these children. They are gaining the knowledge and skills they need to contribute to their families, communities and societies when they reach adulthood. Investing in their present is an investment in the future of the region,” said Martin.In his role as UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 2003, Martin has been a passionate defender of children’s rights with a focus on advocating for the protection of children against exploitation, abuse and trafficking. Additionally, UNICEF and the Ricky Martin Foundation have collaborated to end atrocities against children such as child trafficking and child labour.last_img read more

King Mohammed VI Inaugurates TangierMetropolis Program

Tangier – King Mohammed VI inaugurated and launched, on Wednesday in Tangier, several projects under the flagship program “Tangier-Metropolis,” and meant to reinforce the social and medical offer in the city.King Mohammed VI inaugurated a Center for Autistic People at the Boubana neighborhood and launched the building works of a Center for Mentally Disabled People at the Achraqa neighborhood in the Gzenaya urban commune, a Center for Educating and Training Blind and Partially-Sighted People at the Dhar El Genfoud neighbourhood at the Beni Makada district and a Center for People with Chronic Diseases at the Bir Chifa neighborhood in the same district.Worth MAD 37 million and spanning 18 months, these projects mirror the King’s solicitude for disabled people by providing them with all means to encourage their integration in the educational system, the social fabric and the professional life. They also show the sovereign’s firm resolve to reinforce medical services and health care to meet the needs of citizens, mainly those with chronic diseases.The Center for Autistic People is a socio-educational facility which seeks to provide assistance for the targeted category, support them and their families, and ensure for kids with autism the medical help necessary to facilitate their social integration.The new center (MAD 8.5 million) comprises rooms for diagnosis, music therapy, occupational therapy, hydrotherapy, speech therapy, a multipurpose room, a Padovane room, workshops for handicrafts (hairdressing, carpentry, drawing), classrooms, a canteen, a playground and a games field.This facility, whose construction works were launched by King Mohammed VI in March 2014, was carried out under a partnership between the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), the ministries of interior and of national education and vocational training, and the prefecture of Tangiers-Assilah.The Center for Mentally Disabled People (MAD 9.6 million) is aimed at preventing and offering early health care for special needs people at the socio-educational level, assisting disabled people’s families and promoting actions by associations in this area.Fruit of a partnership between the ministries of interior and of health, the prefecture of Tangier-Assilah and the Gzenaya urban commune, the future center, to be built over a surface area of 1,386 square meters, will offer the services of general practitioners, psychiatrists and social workers. It will include an area to receive patients’ families, consultation rooms, computer and reading rooms, workshops, dormitories, a canteen and a multipurpose room.As for the Center for Blind and Partially-Sighted People of Dhar El Guenfoud, it will enable people with eye-impairment to benefit from an adapted education and training to foster their active participation in social and professional life, promote their daily autonomy, and enhance their talents.The Center (MAD 8.4 million) will include workshops for computer sciences, handicrafts, art and culinary skills, drop-in rooms, rooms for psychiatry and social aid, classrooms, reading rooms and rooms for sports and rest. It will be carried out as part of a partnership between the ministry of national education and vocational training, the Tangier-Assilah prefecture, the urban commune of Tangier and Entraide Nationale.The sovereign also launched the construction works of a Center for People with Chronic Diseases in the Bir Chifa neighborhood, a project in line with efforts made by the monarch to improve access of poor people to health care and fight the irregularity of periodic medical follow-up which might worsen their condition.This center (MAD 10.5 million) will help prevent, diagnose and treat chronic diseases (kidney failure, hypertension, diabetes), in addition to raising the awareness of the public concerning the seriousness of these pathologies and means to prevent them.Fruit of a partnership between the INDH, the Health Ministry, the Tangier-Assilah prefecture, and the Tangier Urban Commune, the future facility will be built over a surface area of 1,800 square meters and will comprise rooms for consultation, dialysis, functional exploration and nutrition education.To further promote medical care in the region, the health ministry purchased, as part of the SAMU program (service of emergency medical assistance), a helicopter and three ambulances. read more

To some market vets stocks are rallying like its 1999

NEW YORK — The stock market has been so hot this year that it might need an ice-cold Fruitopia, or a Zima.The furious rally that’s brought the S&P 500 to the brink of another record, so quickly on the heels of last year’s scary tumble, is reminding some market veterans of the rebound of late 1998. Then, like now, decisions by the Federal Reserve on interest rates helped send stocks soaring. Then, like now, high-flying technology stocks were leading the way. And, in both instances, investors wondered how much longer the economy could avoid a recession after many years of growth.Few, if any, analysts on Wall Street are predicting a repeat of 1999 and 2000, when the market’s recovery ended up becoming too much of a good thing. The S&P 500 surged nearly 60 per cent from its 1998 bottom and inflated into the dot-com bubble, only to burst in the dot-com bust. The collapse dashed the dreams of day traders in pyjamas around the country and helped usher in the 2001 recession.But the similarities between 1998-1999 and 20 years later are plentiful enough that some investors are pushing the idea that stocks can keep rising even with recession fears still hanging over the market.Steve Chiavarone, equity strategist at Federated Investors, says the S&P 500 may end the year at 3,100. That would be a 6.6% rise from Tuesday’s close and a nearly 32% leap from Christmas Eve, when recession fears were at their height.“It is unfathomable to someone at this stage, as it was in 1998, that you could have meaningful upside in the market given where we are,” Chiavarone said. “I think you have to be respectful that tops are impossible to call and that things can get ahead of themselves.”In the summer of 1998, the S&P 500 was at a record high, and the U.S. economy was more than seven years into its expansion, one of the longest on record. But turmoil in developing economies around the world, highlighted by the Asian financial crisis and then Russia’s default on its debt, helped send the S&P 500 down nearly 20%.The Fed calmed worries that the turbulence abroad would dash the U.S. economy by slashing interest rates three times in three months in late 1998. The S&P 500 recovered within a few months.The action then is reminiscent of the market’s movements over the last seven months. Last winter, after setting its all-time high on Sept. 20, 2018, the S&P 500 plunged 19.8% on worries that a recession was on the way. But the Fed again helped put a floor under the stock market, this time by saying it may not raise rates at all in 2019 after seven increases the prior two years.The S&P 500 has shot up 23.6% since hitting a bottom on Christmas Eve, echoing the 24.1% climb for the index in the same number of trading days after it hit a bottom in August 1998.High-growth stocks are also leading the way, once again. In the late 90s, investors flocked to technology stocks because they were going to drive the “new economy.” Today, companies like Facebook, Microsoft and Netflix are alluring because they’re producing strong growth even when global economic growth is slowing and low interest rates make conservative investments more unattractive.Technology stocks in the S&P 500 have surged 33.9% since the Christmas Eve bottom, most among the 11 sectors that make up the index.The market has prodded a parade of tech companies to sell their stock to regular investors for the first time. Lyft had its initial public offering last month, and Uber and other big names should follow shortly.These companies are generally more seasoned than their IPO counterparts two decades ago, with more in revenue. But most lose money, and the last time such a high percentage of companies going public were unprofitable was in 2000, when the dot-com bubble was at its height.All this is happening while the bond market has sent signals of caution through what’s known as the yield curve. Recently, some key short-term Treasury yields were higher than for some longer-term Treasurys, which is unusual. Market watchers call the phenomenon an “inverted yield curve,” and such a scenario has preceded past recessions, although it hasn’t been a perfect predictor. In 1998, some parts of the yield curve were also inverted.“The froth is really starting to pick up now,” said Doug Ramsey, chief investment officer at Leuthold Group. “I would never argue that this is like the euphoria you saw in the late 90s — we’re nothing close to that — but you’re still positioned just as precariously in chasing these large-cap growth stocks.”Besides the less-exuberant nature of this rally — investors remain hesitant to put money into U.S. stock funds this year — another big difference is that stocks are not as expensive as they were in 1999, relative to their profits.In early 1999, the S&P 500 was trading at more than 40 times its average earnings over the prior 10 years, adjusted for inflation. Now, it’s trading at a price that’s closer to 31 times. That’s still higher than its historical average of 20 times over the last half century, but not as eye-wateringly expensive.In 1998, the economy was able to avoid recession, and the expansion that began in 1991 ended up lasting into 2001 and became the longest on record. This expansion, which began in the summer of 2009, could soon eclipse that one.“We could very well be in a 1998 environment, where the yield curve remains inverted sporadically for a short period of time, before steepening again,” said Frances Donald, head of macroeconomic strategy at Manulife Asset Management.She says a recession could arrive in 2020, a relatively mild one. For now, though, she says the stock market could keep rising as investors see profits still to be made.To see why, consider the conversations she had last summer with the portfolio managers she works with, when she first began calling for a 2020 recession.“My question was: It’s August of 2018, if I could tell you with 100 per cent certainty there was going to be a recession in 2020, what would you do?” she said. Their response: “Nothing, we would trade until the market got a whiff of it.”Stan Choe, The Associated Press read more

Ontario Fire Marshal investigating explosion at Brantford factory

The Ontario Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of a explosion at a Brantford paint factory Thursday evening.Emergency crews were called to 140 Garden Ave. around 6:30 p.m.When firefighters arrived, the building had already been evacuated.Fire officials say one employee was treated at the scene and taken to hospital.Emergency crews closed the road as a precaution.Fire crews on scene of an industrial explosion on Garden Ave. One person transported by EMS to Hospital. All other employees accounted for crews conduct primary search for all clear.— Brantford Fire (@BrantfordFire) August 30, 2018Officials say there was no actual fire at the site.

West African countries urge reform of Security Council

“Senegal regrets the status quo involving a deadlock in the negotiations to the detriment to a region such as ours which, while it is the focal point of the Council’s agenda does not have a single permanent seat,” said Abdoulaye Wade, the country’s President, on Thursday. He called this a “historic injustice” which must be rectified by granting Africa a seat with the right to veto, “regardless of the overall nature of the reform.”Mr. Wade hailed reforms that have begun to adapt the UN to the world’s changing realities. In particular, he lauded the creation of the new Human Rights Council and Peacebuilding Commission, voicing hope that this “will allow for better promotion of human rights and more effective management of post-conflict periods.”Moctar Ouane, the Foreign Minister of Mali, also welcomed the reforms which had given rise to the Peacebuilding Commission and Human Rights Council, but said these should not overshadow the need to reform the Security Council. He called the Peacebuilding Commission one of the major outcomes of the 2005 World Summit, noting that management of post-conflict situations had been a weak link in the Organization’s work. “Progress made should not overshadow the fact that much remains to be done particularly with respect to the necessary reform of the Security Council,” he said. The need was widely accepted, yet none of the proposed formulas had enjoyed consensus. Mali “supports Africa’s claim to have two permanent seats and five non-permanent seats,” he said, arguing that this would allow the Council to be more representative.Aichatou Mindaoudou, Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration of Niger, said that, more than ever before, the international community was confronted by challenges to peace and security, although positive changes had taken place in managing conflicts in places such as Burundi, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Those developments served as a reminder of the need for a decision-making mechanism that could address any threats to international peace and security, regardless of their complexity.Only a reform of the Security Council, accompanied by a revitalization of the General Assembly, could enhance the legitimacy and effectiveness of those bodies, particularly if they took into account equitable representation accompanied by an improvement in working methods, she said. Only a fair enlargement of the Council could improve its function and provide a basis acceptable to everyone. Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar, Prime Minister of Mauritania, joined others in welcoming the creation of the Human Rights Council and the Peacebuilding Commission, saying they would improve the ability of the UN to tackle two of the world’s biggest concerns.Great changes on the international scene had called for further UN reforms, he said, including a more dynamic General Assembly, a reactivated Economic and Social Council, and increased representation within the Security Council, taking into account not only major regions of the world such as Africa and Latin America or important country groups, but also industrialized countries which have made major contributions to the Organization, such as Germany and Japan. The Security Council also had to improve its methods of work, in order to ensure peace and security throughout the world. read more

Ohio State bucks tradition with Urban Meyer hire

Urban Meyer is the biggest name Ohio State has ever hired as head football coach. At least that’s how Jack Park, long-time OSU football historian, sees it. Meyer, who won two BCS national championships with Florida and served as an assistant coach at OSU under former coach Earle Bruce, was hired as the Buckeyes’ next head coach Monday. On top of his national titles, Meyer also brings a résumé which includes coaching a Heisman Trophy winner (former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow), a No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft (former Utah quarterback Alex Smith), two SEC championships and several coach of the year honors. Park said no other head coach at OSU has taken the job with that kind of pedigree. “In terms of what the coach has done before he took the Ohio State job, it doesn’t get much bigger than this one,” he said. The only other coach who came close, Park said, was Bruce. Bruce served as head football coach at OSU from 1979-1987. Prior to coming to OSU, Bruce amassed a 36-32 record as head coach at Iowa State, and also served at Massillon High School, leading it to its only undefeated season in school history. Other head coaches at OSU had respectable backgrounds — John Cooper won a Rose Bowl over Michigan while helming Arizona State and Jim Tressel won four Division I-AA titles at Youngstown State — but none have measured up to the name Meyer has built for himself. “In a way, it’s kind of breaking with tradition that Ohio State has done this,” Park said. Still, Meyer does have, in some respects, the same qualities previous OSU head coaches had. Meyer was born in Toledo and raised in Ashtabula, Ohio, where he attended St. John High School. Meyer went to college at the University of Cincinnati and played defensive back on the school’s football team. He got his masters degree from OSU and served as a graduate assistant at OSU during Bruce’s tenure. From there, he later went on to become head coach at Bowling Green State University, where he won MAC Coach of the Year and Sporting News Coach of the Year in 2003, before leaving for Utah, where he won a BCS bowl (the Fiesta Bowl), and later shipping off to Florida. Meyer left Florida citing health concerns last season and took a job with ESPN as an analyst. OSU athletic director Gene Smith made note of Meyer’s Ohio ties during the press conference announcing his hire Monday. “Being from Ohio, born and raised, having an opportunity to coach here under Earl Bruce, fortunate enough to marry his boss from Ohio; he gets it,” Smith said. “At different times in organizations, teams, groups, whatever, there’s the right time for certain leaders. This is the right time for Urban Meyer to lead our football program.” Meyer isn’t shy about his Ohio ties. Meyer has a photo of Woody Hayes hanging in his house. He said the relationship he built with Bruce was “extremely close, second only to his father.” He also said seeing Script Ohio while calling a game for ESPN this season made him emotional. “I’m up there with Chris (Spielman) and (ESPN announcer) Dave Pasch getting ready to broadcast that game, and that band came out of that tunnel — I was wiping tears out of my eyes and all the memories came back,” Meyer said. Park said those Ohio ties have helped him, and other coaches, get hired at OSU. “I would think that many of the people he’s going to bring on his staff here … a lot of those assistant coaches will have Ohio ties,” Park said. “It’s good to do that but I don’t think it’s mandatory anymore. Football has become so national anymore.” For example, in terms of players, Park said only a “handful” on OSU’s 1954 and 1961 national title teams came from outside Ohio, but now, the team can have about half of its roster from outside the state. “It’s an advantage to have Ohio ties but I think there’s probably other things more important,” Park said. One of those “more important” things could be recruiting. OSU has recruited players outside of the state of Ohio, but under Tressel, was able to “build a fence” around Ohio, per se, to keep many of the state’s top talents instate and signed by OSU. However, with Meyer taking over, who was able to rake in recruiting classes with Florida talent ranked higher than his in-state competitors such as Florida State and Miami, Park said he expects Meyer to take advantage of his Southern ties and recruit the same type of players to run his spread offense. “I think what we saw at Florida and the type of offense he ran at Florida, the type of defense he ran at Florida, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s pretty much what we see here,” Park said. That system will be noticeably different from what OSU is known for. OSU built a reputation for the bruising, “three-yards-and-a-cloud-of-dust” offense Hayes implemented and the conservative “Tressel-ball” style that Tressel ran. Meyer, however, will be running the spread, which will focus more on the passing game than previous schemes. Steve Helwagen, managing editor of, said Meyer will use what he has at his disposal now, then work to find the athletes required to run the spread, which he doesn’t believe will be a big deal. “I don’t know that it will be as big a transition as some people think it might be,” Helwagen said. “I think he’ll play to his team strengths on the field next year and take it on a year-to-year basis. He and his staff are obviously going to be looking for guys who fit what they want to do. They need to have wide receivers and skill-position athletes to make that happen.” With Meyer on the recruiting trail preparing for a 2012 season with already-high expectations, fans can take solace knowing Meyer is “home.” “This is my home state,” he said. “And it’s great to be back home.”Ohio read more

Barca in Kielce PSG in Szeged

FC Barcelona LassaPick Szeged ← Previous Story Women’s EHF EURO 2018 starts on November 29 – 100.000 tickets already sold Next Story → Powerful Barca win in Kielce, Pick Szeged extend race with PSG Handball Very interesting Saturday at VELUX EHF Champions League 2018/2019 is ahead of us.PSG Handball will play in Szeged to confirm the first place in Group, while battle for direct place in quarter-final will be seen in Kielce also, where FC Barcelona Lassa are coming…

Power to shut down phone networks is proportionate watchdog

first_imgA CIVIL RIGHTS watchdog has said the proposals to give the government the power to shut down mobile phone networks, if it fears the possibility of a terrorist attack, is a reasonable and “proportionate” power for the government to hold.The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) says the proposal – which is being included in anti-terrorism laws passed by the Dáil today, and being sent to the Seanad – is a reasonable one.This evening the council said the circumstances under which phone networks could be shut down were particularly stringent.“The proposed cessation of mobile services is subject to strict time limits; can only be authorised at the highest levels; and must be demonstrated to be of direct material necessity,” said ICCL policy manager Deirdre Duffy.Duffy said any measure such as the power to shut down a mobile phone network needed to be subject to strict controls in order to be complaint with international human rights and civil liberties standards, and the legislation “largely” fulfilled this requirement.It has been suggested that the proposal to allow mobile phone networks to be shut down has been deliberately brought forward so that the laws will be in place before the G8 summit taking place in Fermanagh next month.The aim of the legislation is to ensure that a bomb cannot be remotely activated over the mobile phone network.Duffy said the legislation was not yet perfect, however, and said the current wording did not guarantee that access to the emergency services would still be available – that is, that a mobile user could still dial 112 to call the emergency services if a network was shut down.She added that the legislation did not discuss the geographical area that could be targeted by a shut-down – “something that in the interest of proportionality should be provided for explicitly in the text”, she said.The ICCL has also called for the powers to be made subject to some kind of parliamentary review, or for a sunset clause to be inserted into the Bill so that TDs would get another chance to evaluate whether the system was working as intended.Read: Britain to use chairmanship of G8 to focus on terror threatlast_img read more

Motorola Xoom Production Will Continue Beyond Q2

first_imgEarlier today we reported a story from Digitimes, which stated that Motorola was winding down production on the Xoom. According to the numbers, the total units shipped is set to drop dramatically after this month, from around 500,000 units, down to 300,000 a month, eventually tapering off altogether by the end of June.The numbers led to speculation around the blogosphere that Motorola might already be readying the Xoom 2, a follow up to the Honeycomb tablet.Motorola contacted Gearlog to deny the rumors, stating, “The Digitimes article is not accurate. Motorola Mobility will continue to sell and produce the Motorola XOOM beyond the second quarter.”Apparently it’s not all Xoom and doom after all. AdChoices广告last_img

MovieBob Reviews Destroyer

first_imgStay on target As is to be expected with smaller films angling for Oscar-season attention to boost their visibility, Destroyer – which comes courtesy director Karyn Kusama – is, as of this writing, being sold mainly as a harder-than-normal arthouse pic that’s really only getting a big push because its seen as a potential vehicle to net a Best Actress nomination for Nicole Kidman. And, to be sure, she is absolutely the center of the production’s gravity; delivering a tour-de-force performance that’s all the more impressive considering she can be seen beating up fish-people in ridiculous-looking plastic armor in Aquaman with equally sincere commitment elsewhere at the multiplex.Still, it’s hard to regard the film as a whole and not come away hoping that, as the nomination period continues to chug along, the studio will eventually note that despite the low budget and profile what they’ve also got is actually a rock-solid, nasty, old-school, hard-bitten cop drama; albeit one that, yes, is also a character piece front-loaded with the gimmick of seeing one of modern Hollywood’s most glamorous actresses transform herself through subtle makeup, costuming, and a fearsome physical performance into a haggard instrument of violent personal justice Kidman’s world-weary detective looks to have had the shit so thoroughly beaten out of her by life you can imagine the heroes of a Mickey Spillane novel (or Mickey Rourke from Sin City) looking at her and asking if she could use an Advil.We don’t necessarily find out everything that’s brought Kidman’s rough hewn character to the point of being an alternately terrifying but also pitied and soundly disliked figure; but we eventually come to understand that it started with an undercover gangland operation that went really bad when she was still green and idealistic – and that life has been something of a drain ever since: As the film opens, she’s begun to suspect that a dangerous criminal figure from that operation has resurfaced and commits herself to finding them and settling… whatever it is she feels she needs to settle.And as we watch her stalk, shoot, bludgeon, and bully her way to the truth it becomes increasingly clear… well, that things aren’t actually clear at all: Her motives, the motives of others involved, the origin of all the pain she’s in, what exactly she’s planning to do, the why and how of its connection to her estranged ex husband and teenage daughter, and even the sequence of events themselves.It’s difficult to get into much more detail beyond that – this is a stripped-down crime film with a narrative gimmick involving the nested flashbacks to the undercover operation that serves as the heroine’s origin story (and allows the star to further demonstrate her potent abilities by playing the years-younger “un-ruined” version of the same character without missing a beat) and it’s not much outside of that, at least in the details that can be discussed without giving away the the hooks and twists that feel like the main draw outside seeing Kidman craft a lady version of the Bad Lieutenant vibe.But while yes the reason to see it is Kidman and not just for the physicality of it (she also renders tremendous psychological and emotional depths to a character that has to start out as the most off-putting person you can imagine and become somehow more relatable and compelling as she becomes even LESS likable) Kusama’s direction also affords a grimy sun-baked atmosphere that feels authentically sketchy but alive and inhabited: You don’t want to go to the places in this movie, but you feel like you could.And while it’s certainly not an “action” film (there’s two fight scenes, a robbery, and one VERY satisfying gun battle) when the brutality does arrive it’s punishing and powerful but also studiously realistic from the out-of-breath chases to the scrappy bloody-knuckle/cracked-skull/teeth-smashing beatdowns. The only reason some of the violence on display doesn’t feel like outright sadism is that no bullets or blades could possibly be as intimidating as the way Kidman turns on a dime from a cornered feral animal with a fiery “don’t fuck with me” glare to a nail-spitting banshee ready to bite your throat out.As goes without saying in modern-day police films, there’s a twist I’m obviously avoiding spoiling at play that will likely color your eventual reaction. Without giving anything away, the first time through it felt gimmicky and unnecessary in the moment, but I’ve warmed to its presence and the way it re-contextualizes things we thought we saw or knew… and “unnecessary” or not it doesn’t take anything away from that stunner of a lead performance. Sometimes the hype is telling the truth – she’s really as good in this as you’ve heard. MovieBob Reviews: ‘Shadow’MovieBob Reviews: ‘The Curse of La Llorona’ last_img read more

Hubble Space Telescope Captures In Bloom Spiral Galaxy

first_img The Hubble Space Telescope recently spotted a gorgeous “in bloom” spiral galaxy and it shows vibrant star formation pockets that look like red flowers.The spiral galaxy, which is named NGC 972, was shared by the Hubble Space Telescope on Monday, July 1. NGC 972’s orange-pink glow comes from hydrogen gas reacting to intense light beaming outwards from neighboring newborn stars, said a Hubble Space Telescope press release. These bright patches, which are scattered near various cosmic dust streams, are “blooming” like roses in NGC 972.Even though William Herschel, a British-German astronomer, is credited with finding NGC 972 back in 1784, astronomers have measured its distance, which is almost 70 million light-years. Star formation signs are important when studying galaxies, since star formation histories, locations, and rates offer insight on how these massive objects of dust and gas have evolved. New star generations are shaped by important factors and forces that impact galaxies, such as dark matter, matter, radiation, and gravity.This Hubble Picture of the Week shows bright, colourful pockets of star formation blooming like roses in a spiral galaxy named NGC 972. Credit: @ESA / @Hubble_Space / @NASA— HUBBLE (@HUBBLE_space) July 1, 2019The Hubble Space Telescope has snapped some interesting galaxies lately: Last month, it captured a breathtaking image of spiral galaxy NGC 4051, which is located 45 million light-years from our planet in the southern area of the Ursa Major I Cluster. NGC 4051 has hosted many supernovae, phenomenon that take place in the final stages of a star’s life, after it has moved on to helium and burned through all of its hydrogen.More on Space Telescope Spots Explosive GalaxyHubble Captures Mature ‘Pinwheel’ Galaxy in Stunning ImageHubble Detects Luminous Elliptical Galaxy in Space Hubble Captures Saturn’s ‘Phonograph Record’ Ring SystemHubble Captures Gorgeous Star’s Final Stages of Life Stay on targetlast_img read more


first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, NOVEMBER 18, 2013- The People’s Democratic Movement on the weekend holding its national convention and confirming Clarence Selver as the party’s national chairman. Selver had been acting in the post since Lynden Hall’s resignation. Two other posts voted upon with first Vice President of the PDM chosen as attorney and election 2012 candidate, Ashwood Forbes; with Rosabell Selver winning the position of assistant secretary general of the party. The PDM will give a report card, they say which is a year one review of the PNP administration’s work in office. The official opposition holds a press conference this morning. Related Items:last_img

Designers bringing Couve Couture back for spring

first_imgIf you go What: Couve Couture’s Spring Fashion Show. When: 6 p.m. April 13, tickets on sale March 15. Where: Gravitate Building, 1012 Washington St., Vancouver. Cost: $25 for all ages, general admission; $50 for VIP seating that includes the 21 and older after-party. Pre-sale VIP tickets available through Beigeblond and Most Everything Vintage. Information: by the success of its fall show, Couve Couture has another show in the works, set for 6 p.m. April 13. The ensemble of local designers, models, hair stylists and make-up artists has its eyes set on attracting more than 600 attendees.Producers Brett Allred and Katie Carbjal of Beigeblond, with Alisa Tetreault of Most Everything Vintage, are matching their ambitions with a larger venue, securing the remodeled Koplan Furniture building, now owned by the design firm Gravitate, which will be a premiere sponsor of the spring event.“We’re shooting for the event of the year,” Tetreault said. “We learned that Vancouver is excited for these types of events, which gives us extra fuel.”Couve Couture is also a showcase for those involved behind the scenes, with local businesses already chipping in to support. Gravitate will show its design chops by helping market the event, said Tetreault.last_img read more

Washington state parks shifting to winter operating schedule

first_imgWashington’s state parks are shifting to winter operating schedules although many remain open or partially open.Cape Disappointment State Park at Ilwaco and Ike Kinswa in Lewis County remain open all year and accept reservations.Paradise Point State Park in north Clark County will have 43 drive in sites and 10 hike-in sites open all winter.Battle Ground Lake State Park is open all year.Beacon Rock State Park in Skamania County will close its main campground on Oct. 27. However, two standard campsites at the moorage area and five utility sites at the recreational vehicle area are open all year on a first-come basis. There will be one restroom and one shower available in both locations.The Beacon Rock boat ramp is open all year except during bad weather.Columbia Hills State Park in Klickitat County closes camping and the boat ramp on Monday. The Dalles Mountain Ranch and Horsethief Butte day use areas are open without toilets from November through March.last_img read more

COMING TO THE SHRINERS Womens Roller Derby On June 15

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Boston Roller Derby, a Boston-based, female-only roller derby league, returns to the Shriners Auditorium (99 Fordham Road) on Saturday, June 15, 2019.  Doors open at 2:30pm.  The action begins at 5pm with the Cosmonaughties vs. the Harbor Horrors at 5pm, followed by the Nutcrackers vs. the Wicked Pissahs at 7pm. An After Party will take place at 9pm in the Fez Room. Tickets include admission to the double-header, plus entry into the after party.Tickets are $12 (advance) and $16 (at the door) for adults; $6 (advance) and $8 (at the door) for kids (6-17); and kids under 6 are free. There is a small fee for online purchases. Discounted tickets are available for large groups, as is a VIP Package.  Purchase your tickets HERE. Join the Facebook event HERE.  Learn more about the league HERE.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedCOMING TO THE SHRINERS: Women’s Roller Derby On August 3In “Sports”COMING TO THE SHRINERS: Women’s Roller Derby On May 18In “Sports”COMING TO THE SHRINERS: Women’s Roller Derby On August 6In “Community”last_img read more

Another Uttarkhan gas fire victim dies

first_imgLogo of fire IllustrationA young woman who along with seven other people suffered burn injuries in a fire that broke out in a flat at Beparipara in Uttarkhan area early Saturday died at Dhaka Medical College on Tuesday night, taking the death toll from the incident to four, reports UNB.Purnima, 35, succumbed to her injuries around 11:00pm, said hospital sources.The fire broke out at their flat on the ground floor around 4:00am on Saturday following a leakage in the gas pipeline, leaving eight inmates injured.The injured were taken to the DMCH where two Azizul, his wife Muslima alias Urmi and Sufia died earlier.last_img

Fire Department Officials Respond To Citys Audit

first_imgMichael Hagerty To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /04:10 Share Listencenter_img X Just last month, the Houston Controller’s office released a scathing audit of the city’ fire department. In particular, this report examined the department’s Life Safety Bureau, which handles safety inspections of buildings, such as the countless new apartment complexes that have gone up around the city in recent years.City Controller Chris Brown told Houston Matters at the time that, as an example, only 526 of Houston’s more than 5,000 apartment buildings were inspected in the last two years — well below the bureau’s goal of 470 apartment inspections per month. However, he added that more units could’ve been inspected — the department just lacks adequate records reflecting that.Now, the Houston Fire Department is responding to the criticisms in that report. We talk with News 88.7 Reporter Al Ortiz, who’s at the fire department’s media availability. last_img read more

Border Patrol Agent May Have Died From Fall Not Attack According To

first_imgFBI.govA federal investigation into the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Rogelio Martinez agent has so far found no evidence he was attacked, but may have died from a fall, according to an official memo.A federal investigation into the death of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Texas has found no evidence he was attacked –as President Donald Trump suggested at the time– but may have died from a fall, an internal federal agency memo shows, according a news report by Reuters Yahoo! News published on Sunday.The message from Kevin McAleenan, acting head of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, to his staff said an exhaustive probe into the death of agent Rogelio Martinez was still under way but had not yet turned up any signs he was the victim of a crime.“We do not know all the answers at this time. However, according to the FBI, currently none of the completed interviews, locations searched, or collected and analyzed evidence have produced evidence that would support the existence of a scuffle, altercation or attack,” McAleenan wrote in the memo.Martinez and another agent who survived, Stephen Garland, were in sparsely populated Culberson County, about 130 miles (210 km) southeast of El Paso, on Nov. 19 when they suffered head injuries and broken bones.Garland’s injuries have left him unable to recall the incident.This week, the FBI said in a statement that after conducting 650 interviews it had found no evidence of an attack. An autopsy report released a day earlier showed that Martinez died of blunt-force trauma.Shortly after Martinez’s death, Trump tweeted: “Border Patrol Officer killed at Southern Border, another badly hurt. We will seek out and bring to justice those responsible. We will, and must, build the Wall!”According to McAleenan’s memo, both agents appeared to have fallen into a nine-foot-deep culvert near Interstate 10 at about 11:30 p.m. local time on a moonless night.In late November, the U.S. Department of Justice offered a $25,000 reward for information related to a “potential assault on a federal officer” in the case.Some 33 border agents have died on duty since the CBP was created in 2003, the libertarian think tank Cato Institute said in a report after Martinez’ death. Of those, about half were from auto accidents and four were murdered, the institute said. Sharelast_img read more